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    These Cunning Ad Wars In India Show How Creative Advertisements Can Be

    Marketing field can be really competitive, and these days in order to make marketing even more creative, companies are coming up with comparative strategies where the companies are openly mocking their rival brand. Here are some of these ad wars in India, and to make it more interesting, few of these did actually make direct […]

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    7 Cultural Festivals In India That You Must Attend!

    Festivals are a period of celebration, and in India, festivals are an essential display of culture, values and tradition. The beauty of the festivals here is still unmatched. These festivals are all linked with the lives of many people and it during these festivals that most of us become culturally alive. Here are some of […]

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    10 Indian Music Festivals That are Worth Travelling To

    We all must have heard of music festivals happening across the world and all this time the only satisfaction we got was through music videos on YouTube. Well, here some good news for you- India has its own surfeit of music festivals! For travellers and music lovers alike, here’s a list of some of the […]

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    These Lesser Known Indian Special Forces Are Among The Best In The World

    Every Indian is proud of one thing about this country: the soldiers. While most of us know of American Special Forces like American Marines and Navy Seals, thanks to Hollywood, very few of know about the Indian Special Forces that protect our country and are ranked among the best in the world. Here are 8 […]

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    9 Dying Indian Art Forms That Might Soon Be Extinct

    India is home to some of the most amazing art forms, but most of them are on the verge of extinction, thanks to our negligence. Almost every region in our country has its own form of art represented through drawings, paintings, embroidery, saris and more, but due to modernisation most of these handmade products are […]

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    Biggest Lies Ever Told In Indian History That We All Believe In!

    Lies have become an integral part of our lives in the present times. Many a times we just believe stuff if we hear it as history. In fact sometimes lies become so common that we end up believing them. Here are some of those lies which we were fed and each of us thought it […]

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    8 Most Controversial Godmen Of India- The Dubious Spiritual Leaders

    Godmen aren’t something new to India. In a country where religion and spirituality is such a sensitive issue, it takes years for people to realize and accept the fact that most of these godmen are fooling people. Controversies and godmen apparently go hand in hand these days cause each one of these godmen are getting […]

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    Bet You Didn’t Know What The Whistles Mean In Indian Railways

    Have you ever heard the train horn closely? We all know of the horns made when the train leaves a station, but what about those horns made on the run? Trains have no traffic to tackle, so what are those horns for? Well, in India there are various kinds of train horns and each one […]

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    Offbeat Yet Interesting Themed Restaurants To Visit In Mumbai

    Remember the time when restaurants used to be about good food, comfort and best service? Well, those days are gone now and the real craze these days are themed restaurants. What makes a restaurant unique is the theme and who won’t love eating in an environment that would give fooding a whole new experience? Here […]

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    The Most Interesting Court Cases In India That You Should Know About

    Courtroom dramas aren’t just a movie thing, and if you live in India, courtroom drama never dies out. While there are cases that would unearth the loopholes in our constitution and in our system, others are landmark judicial decisions that change our constitution and our everyday lives. Here are some of the most influential and […]

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    8 Hidden Treasures In India That Can Make You Rich Overnight

    Hidden treasures have always been intriguing. Who doesn’t love the idea of getting super rich in a day? Such treasures these days are rare to find, but what if I told you that India is home to a lot of wealth just in the form of hidden treasures? Here are some of the hidden treasures […]

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    8 Unusual Yet Interesting Museums In India That You Need To Visit

    A Museum is a building in which objects of historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interest are stored and exhibited. But what if some of these objects of historical, scientific, artistic or cultural interests are bizarre too? Right from a toilet museum to a museum of human brains India is home to some of the most […]

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    9 Unusual Restaurants To Have Your Next Offbeat Fooding Experience

    Good food and service is what restaurants should be concerned about, but who doesn’t love themes? Themes make a restaurant more interesting cause food and comfort is now too mainstream. Head out to these unusual restaurants in India and have food in the weirdness of the surrounding. 1) Taste of Darkness, Hyderabad Image You […]

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    Lesser Known Indian Sports That Deserve To Be In Olympics

    Sports in India has been an interesting affair. While whole of India drools over cricket, various other sports get ignored. But did you know that there are many interesting sports in India that deserve to be played on an international level? Its time Olympics should update its sports list. 1) Khong Kangjei Image Khong […]

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