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  • 10 advices to pick from Indian Mythology and put to use today!

    India has a rich collection of Classical literature. Great epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Gita and Vedas are some of the magnificent literature to awaken our innermost soul. 1) Learn to Forgive Source: dna india Ramayana teaches us that the best attitude one can have is of forgiveness. Seeking revengeburns the seeker itself. It destroys the […]

  • We bet you didn’t know this about Indian coins!

    Coins and Currency have long historical story and with this uncovers some amazing facts about them. 1) Coins of ancient India Source: ancient coins Coins of ancient India were made mostly of silver. They had motifs drawn on them and these motifs generally reflected nature and showed the sun, animals and trees. Some coins had […]

  • 11 Things Gone Wrong with Indian Education System

    In no matter how good or average schools and colleges we have studied, everyone is well aware of the loop holes in the education system. We all have faced those once or more in  our lives till now. 1. Reservations Source: campus diaries With the competitions already so tough the system of reservations makes it […]

  • You won’t believe what these 5 couples did at their weddings!

    Everyone has big dreams and desires for their wedding but these people stood out of the crowd and had something unique for their wedding celebration. 1) A Wedding of Donations Source: The Better India The wedding of Abhay Deware and Preeti Kumbhare set an ideal for those who wish to spend lakhs of money on […]

  • 8 Countries Where Indian Passport Holders Can Travel Without Visa!

    Are you a travel freak? Do you wish to travel all over the globe? There are more than 200 countries you can choose from, out of these almost 58 countries are accessible to Indians either without a visa or a basic visa on arrival. From these, here are the 8 best countries that have to […]

  • 7 Things India Needs to Accept Once and For All!

    India is currently an amalgamation of modern infrastructure with traditional thought process. Our society still has it’s quirks and is averted to certain things. The youth is trying to have a broader mind but is being held back by the traditionalists. We present you with a list of things that India needs to accept immediately. […]

  • 8 Varieties of People you will Meet Only at Indian Weddings!

    Weddings are as much fun as they are tedious. To be entertained, you just need to sit and observe. Indian weddings are an elaborate affair. There are certain kind of people that you will find at very Indian wedding, no matter which region you are in! 1. The Show-Stopper Girls These girls are so decked […]

  • 15 Wacky Hansa-Praful Conversations that Make you say RIP English!

    Before we were introduced to the western TV shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S and How I Met Your Mother, we Indian kids were binge watching our own sitcoms like Hum Paanch, Dekh Bhai Dekh, Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai and the unforgettable Khichadi. The level of comedy in this one was too damn high. We still quote them, specially […]

  • 10 Things Every Late Sleeper Will Relate To!

    Those sleep deprived and silent late nights maybe bliss for some people, but the rest of us go through the cycle of tiredness every time. Each one of us who sacrifice their sleep regret it the next morning when the alarm goes off. Here are some things that happen in those silent, lone hours of […]

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    This Diwali Try Something New With These 7 Unique Gifting Ideas!

    Diwali is the biggest festival of India. Along with the diyas, crackers and family get-togethers comes the inevitable task of buying gifts! Every year we rack our brains to find some unusual ideas for gifts and eventually settle for the mandatory mithai ka dabba. This year, try something new, we are providing you with a […]

  • 13 Lesser Known Facts About India, That Every True Indian Must Know!

    India is a land of many unknown and hidden treasure. The more you uncover, the more you discover. Similarly there are certain facts about India that every Indian must know! Here they are: 1. Mining of Diamonds Started in India Image Source Until mining and diamond quarries were found in Brazil, India was the only […]

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    9 Simple and Romantic Ideas for your Next Date Night!

    Going out on dates can be a major headache at times. The waiting at restaurant and crowded places can be disappointing. So the next time you are venturing out on a date, do something different. Have a date at your home itself. We are giving you a few ideas as to what all you can […]

  • 12 Candies to Take You Back to Those Memorable Days of 90’s!

    The number of chocolates and candies have increased in the market today, but nothing compares to joy we had when we were kids. Here are some of the candies to remind you of the time you miss so badly! 1. Boomer Boom, Boom, Boomer… Who doesn’t remember this? Your coolness quotient depended on the swag […]

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