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    9 Simple and Romantic Ideas for your Next Date Night!

    Going out on dates can be a major headache at times. The waiting at restaurant and crowded places can be disappointing. So the next time you are venturing out on a date, do something different. Have a date at your home itself. We are giving you a few ideas as to what all you can […]

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    12 Candies to Take You Back to Those Memorable Days of 90’s!

    The number of chocolates and candies have increased in the market today, but nothing compares to joy we had when we were kids. Here are some of the candies to remind you of the time you miss so badly! 1. Boomer Boom, Boom, Boomer… Who doesn’t remember this? Your coolness quotient depended on the swag […]

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    The War Continues: Mumbai Film Festival Bans Pakistani Movies!

    The recent controversy of Pakistani artists received another blow yesterday. Whereas bollywood is stepping forward in support of these artists, Mumbai Academy of Moving Image (MAMI) has banned the Pakistani movies. The Cinema Owners and Exhibitors Association of India (COEAI), on Friday, had also banned Fawad Khan starrer ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ and now MAMI […]

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    7 Scenes from Hindi Movies That Will Make you go WTF!

    Our relationship with bollywood movies is a love-hate one. Sometimes we cannot stop going gaga over certain movies, while there are times when we are suicidal! Here are some bollywood scenes where there is no fact, no physics and absolutely no explanation, because RIP LOGIC! Ajay Devgn in Singham Rohit Shetty is the King of […]

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    12 Things Every Indian Has to Face in a Foreign Land!

    Going abroad- we all have that dream, some may have even achieved it. For varying reasons, people travel to foreign land and either settle there or come back after a certain period. It has become much common nowadays, but you cannot understand the exact feelings, unless you travel yourself. Here is a list of things […]

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    Her Story: The Union of a Desi Girl and her Videsi Sweetheart!

    As India is developing, so are our values and cultures. We have become more acceptant and open regarding foreigners. A Mumbai girl, Samantha Kothare, went to Germany as an exchange student and found her soulmate. This is her story! “Being an extrovert, I never thought I could fall for someone shy and introvert, but fate […]

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    12 Quotes by Chanakya From the 4th Century That Hold True Even Today!

    Chanakya, also known as Kautilya, was the advisor of Chandragupt Maurya. He is renowned for his books ‘Chanakya Neeti’, ‘Arthashastra’ and ‘Nitishastra’. He is known as the ‘Pioneer of Economics’ in India. His literature is studied not only here but all over the world. Chanakya’s views on economics, politics and state warfare hold true even […]

  • Mumbai: Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar and his wife Anjali during a charity reception at Mumbai hotel on April 10, 2016. (Photo: IANS)

    These Indian Celebrities Married Their Fans and How!

    Imagine getting up one day and meeting your favorite celebrity. Intimidating, right? Now what if the celebrity fell in love with you and you both actually got married. Unfortunately, for us, this does not happen, but there are certain people whose dreams did come true! Mumtaz and Mayur Madhvani Source: 1, 2 Yesteryear actress Mumtaz […]

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    These Indian Americans are Richer Than the Americans

    These NRI’s have made India proud, they are huge business tycoons operating in the US, but they share an Indian background. According to a Forbes list, these 5 Indian Americans are the richest in the US.   Romesh Wadhwani Image Source Symphone Technology founder Romesh Wadhwani has taken 69 years to set up an empire […]

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    Humanity Does Exist: Proved By This Pune Girl and Her Friend!

    How often do you notice your maid at house or the watchman? Very rare, right? On October 1 Tanvi Jain was going about her daily routine and hanging out with some friends at Cafe With a Twist near her house. A freelance digital marketer by profession, Tanvi noticed the security guard of adjoining ATM look […]

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    10 Epic Bollywood Films which Should Never be Remade

    When a movie is remade, the only concern in everyone’s mind is whether the remake will be able to do justice to the original. There are some films however, which are so authentic in their delivery, that even the idea of a remake would be amateur. Here are some iconic Bollywood films which should never […]

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