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10 Amazing Places To Visit Near Bengaluru In Monsoon

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.”

-Anita Desai

Bengaluru is known as the IT hub of India. The capital city of the state of Karnataka is known for its IT development sector and is hence, also known as the Silicon Valley of India. It is mainly known for its sectors in technology development, but very few acknowledge it to be a place of travel.

I am here to tell you some things about Bengaluru that would make you want to visit this scenic place. As Bengaluru is situated at the heart of the Western Ghats, it is blessed with the very first monsoon showers that reach India and this makes the place lush with greenery. Located at a height of 3000 ft above sea level, monsoons always add to the beauty of the landscape of Bengaluru and it’s a sight that no one should miss out on. So, here are ten monsoon getaways in Bengaluru that would give you both peace and happiness.

1) Horsley Hills, Chittoor


The place which is packed with exotic plants and eucalyptus trees is a sight for sore eyes, especially during the monsoon as the hills are covered in small streams. The temperature of the place varies from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius and is a pleasant place to be. While you are there, you can also visit places like the Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary, View Point and the Gangotri lake.

2) Jog Falls, Shimoga


13th when it comes to the world waterfall database, the 2nd plunge waterfall in India after Nohkalikai falls of Meghalaya, Jog waterfalls is a sight to see. The place is a major tourist attraction in the Shimoga district. The waterfall origins from the Sharavathi river and drops 830 ft down. During monsoon, the waterfall becomes much more zestful and gives pure bliss to all who visit it.

3) Savandurga Hills, Bangalore

Source: Trawell

The largest monolith hill in Asia, the Savandurga Hills is a paradise for all trekkers and hill climbers. Rising 1226m above mean sea level, the hill is also visited by many piligrims to see the Savandi Veerabhadreshwara Swamy and Narasimha Swamy temple sited at the foothills. Tourists may also visit the Manchanabele dam for watersports.

4) Nisargadhama Islands, Kodagu

Source: Holiday IQ

The place which is an island formed by the river Kaveri is near Kushalnagar in Kodagu, Karnataka. You can stay in bamboo cottages or have elephant rides and indulge in boating. Travellers are also allowed to swim in the shallow pars of the river. During the monsoons, one can have the pleasure of being between both fauna and flora.

5) Chikmagalur, Chikmagaluru

Chikmagalur is located in the foothills in the Mullayanagari range. During the monsoon season, the place is filled with lush greenery and is a place of serenity. The land which is surrounded by small hill stations like Kalasa, and Koppa, provide the tourist with a sense of peace. If you are an adventure enthusiast, the place provides you with sport activities like mountain biking too.

6) Shivanasamudra falls, Mandya

Source: Trodly

The waterfall which is at its best during the monsoon, is a scene to behold. Dropping from different parts of the rock, the waterfall’s origin lies in the Kaveri river. The town of Sivnasamudra divides the waterfall into twin falls. The segmented waterfall is at a height of 98 meters and a width of 305 meters.

7) Chembra Peak, Wayanad

Source: Holiday IQ

The highest peak at Wayanad at 2100 meters above sea level, The peak embodies lush greenery and is a treat for trekkers and hikers. When hiking towards the top, you can stop at the famous heart shaped lake that has never once dried up.

8) Agumbe, Shimoga

Source: Wikipedia

Agumbe proves to be the perfect weekend getaway for anyone who is hassled with the rat race. Its serenity proves to be the biggest factor of attraction here. Ample flora and fauna also add to the beauty. The range is located above Someshwara ghats and so, has numerous waterfalls adorning the hills.

9) Brindavan Gardens, Mandya


This garden which spreads across 60 acres is full of different kinds of flora. The main attraction of the park is the musical fountain which is illuminated by light and then played according to the beats of the music. This attracts many tourists to the park.

10) Kudremukh National Park, Chikkamagaluru

Source: Plane News

The park was so named after the hill that looks like a Horse’s face as ‘Kudre’ means horse. The hill is full of waterfalls and a range of hills. The sanctuary houses plenty of wildlife and hoards of flora.


Pack your bags people, off we go to Bengaluru !!

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