10 Golden Rules To Follow For Every 20 Something Girl

Being a 20 something year old girl in an typical Indian family can get stressful. The stress of education and job is hard enough to handle with the added pressure of MARRIAGE. Recently a colleague of mine, who is 30 and single by the way, gave me the best advice I have ever got. She told me to start being honest, with my friends, family and especially myself. You won’t believe but this actually helps. So I put together 10 advices that a 30 year old would like to give a 20 year old.

1. Relax!

The first thing you need to do is stop freaking out and take a deep breath and relax. Let go of all the stress. Take at least 10 minutes for yourself everyday and have a cup of coffee or just sit but take those precious moments for yourself.


2. Accept The Changes!

There is no beauty product that will let you have your physical appearance forever. So instead of stressing out about it, accept the changes your body is going through. Try to focus on positive aging rather than anti-aging.


3. Be Selfish!

Get it into your head once and for all that you cannot make everyone happy. There will be disappointments. Start being a little selfish and keeping yourself happy before you worry about others.


4. Fret Less!

No matter what you do you can never control the future, so stop thinking about it. Live in the now. If you learn this earlier in your life, it will help you later. Carpe Diem– seize the moment Darling!


5. Be Inspired!

Read, write, travel, dance, sing and have fun. You will not be getting back these days. Create memories that you can cherish forever.


6. Do What You Love!

Get a job that you actually like doing instead of crying about one you hate. It is also a good idea to indulge in a hobby to feed your soul. This will keep you from being boring and negative towards life.


7. Think Before You Compromise!

It is not a sin to say NO to something. Never just accept what you don’t want because of family or societal pressures. It is Ok to break the stereotypes if you do not agree with them exactly like having that cupcake every once in a while!


8. Treasure Your Friends!

Be there for your friends. It is very important to maintain your group of frinds who will love you and be there for you no matter what.


9. Take Your Time Before You Say ‘I Do’!

Having doubts is perfectly normal. If you do not see permanence in your relationship then it is better to break off things before they get too complicated. Settling for someone you do not feel comfortable around is never a good idea.


10. Be Original!

Laugh, joke, enjoy, be crazy but be you! You will regret it later if you always keep yourself in bonds. Be free, live free! Just be happy!



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