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10 Times Indian Women Gave Nothing But LOLs

Patriarchy is a sad reality of India. Even today, women are supposed to adhere to some archaic rules of what it means to be a woman. But thankfully, women know how to clap the hell back. Here are some of the best jokes made by Indian women on the expense of patriarchy and sexism.

1. When There Was A Sore Need For A Boy

Via- Spoilt Modern Women/ Facebook.

2.On Parents’ Priorities

3. And those of Dadi’s

Via- Insta Singles/ Instagram

4. On Sanskaars

Via- Buzzfeed India/ Facebook

5. When Kareena Kapoor just wanted to go home and away from stupid questions

Via- Buzzfeed India/ Facebook

6. Someone Please Help Us

7. Petition To Fund Sanskaari Bras That Become Invisible Under The Gaze of Aunties

8. Food Trumps Everything

9.  On Mythical Beings

 10. And lastly, on caring relatives

Via- Tumblr
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