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12 Candies to Take You Back to Those Memorable Days of 90’s!

The number of chocolates and candies have increased in the market today, but nothing compares to joy we had when we were kids. Here are some of the candies to remind you of the time you miss so badly!

1. Boomer

Boom, Boom, Boomer… Who doesn’t remember this? Your coolness quotient depended on the swag you had while chewing this gum!


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2. Poppins

The colourful assortment of candies. I remember fighting with my cousins for our favourite colour!


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3. Kismi Bar

The coy looks we gave each other when someone said ‘Kismi’ bar were epic. The bar as well as the small chocolates were a treat!


Image Source: 1, 2

4. Lacto King

The undisputed King- before the Eclairs and Alpenliebe took over!


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5. Jelly Cups

Our first meeting with the fancy food from the West! These Jelly Cups were a must have- specially in the summer holidays!


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6. Cadbury Nutties and Tiffins

We still find them in the market, but only at a few stores. These were the ultimate treats for every 90’s kid!


Image Source: 1, 2

7. Pan Pasand

We eat Paan today, but nothing will match the flavour of Paan packed into this candy! The red tongues after were a must!


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8. Magic Pops

These were meant for Pranks, specially on the elders. Getting together with cousins/ friends and showing off your collection of Pops is unmatched till today!


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9. Rola Cola

This was heaven because we weren’t allowed to drink the fizzy colas!


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10. Loco Poco

Another amazing chewing gum from the golden era!


Image Source

11. Hajmola

The joy from these cannot be put into words!


Image Source

12. Big Babool

The ‘coolest kid on the block’ title was determined by this gum!


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The level of nostalgia is too damn high. Take me back to those times!


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