14 Liquor Brands That Every Broke College Student Will Swear By!

College- all the bittersweet memories that this word conjures up are unforgettable. If you were living in another city for education then you would definitely have known the money issues we all went through. The end of the month, rent, food, etc. to fit it all in your allowance was a herculean task. Asking your parents for extra money would definitely be an invitation for a two hour lecture. Imagine those parties, especially the one’s which involved daaru, the breakup party, end of exam party, fail hone ke baad waali party, the list goes on! Drinking on a tight budget was hard, but where there is will there is a way, right? Here are some of the brands that are a favorite with the students.

Knock Out

Ranging from Rs.60 for 330ml to Rs.150 for 1000ml, this beer has led to some epic nights!


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Old Monk

With the distinct flavor of vanilla, this brand is not advertised anywhere. Fame travels by word of mouth only!


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Haywards 5000

One of the fastest growing beer brands in India, probably because of the catchy advertisements. ‘Hausala Buland’!


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A brandy- closest thing the students can manage to sophisticated liquor, it comes from Sikkim and is packed in a quirky bottle.


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Kalyani Black Label

The go-to beer if you need that serious kick.


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The actual godfather of all beers, recommended only for the true beer lovers!


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Royal Stag

Known for it’s silkiness, Royal Stag Whiskey has been through a lot with the students.


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Credit for Signature Whiskey’s fame can be attributed to it’s distinct green bottle.


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DSP Black

With every sip being a veteran’s delight, this whiskey can transport you to a place of inhabited fun!


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One of the strongest beers in the world, it is definitely not for the faint-hearted!


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8 PM

It is not the first liquor brand to enter the LIMCA book of records for no reason!


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This is by far the largest selling rum brand in the defense forces. No wonder the students swear by it!


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McDowell’s No 1

An exquisitely smooth blend of imported Scotch, select Indian malts and premium grain spirits, no hostel party would be complete without it!


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The best for the last. There is a very rare chance that you have not heard of this brand. No student can be a true connoisseur if he hasn’t tasted this!


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Let us know what are the alcohol brands you swear by, maybe we missed out on a few!

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