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15 Indian Instances you would relate to if you grew up in a ‘Middle Class’ Family

Growing up in an Indian middle-class family is no less of an experience. The many life hacks middle class Indians resort to are termed as jugaad. Here are our 15 most popular ones of all times.

1) This timeline

2) This thought

3) This storage bag

4) This life hack

5) That bottle’s much more important than you :p

6) This reality !!

7) Obviously, it needs to be worth of it !!

8) Optimism at it’s greatest

9) Pai-Pai use karna

10) This cutlery

11) Feel pity for the clothes, right!!

12) Why to waste our time in looking out when we have                   parachute oil

13) Desi Security

14) Longer the use of cover, more the durability of the product

15) Our sense of responsibility has this origin

Relatable, aren’t they? 😉

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