15 Schools That Look Like They Are Straight Out of Your Imagination!

We have all had those dreams, at least once, where we wanted to go study in those picturesque boarding schools. If you were one of the lucky people to have studied in these wonderful campuses, I envy you! These schools look like they are sets out of a Rajashri Production or Karan Johar films.

Lawrence School Lovedale, Ooty


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Established in 1858, they are known for their world-class amenities in sports and academics. They have football, basketball, horse-riding, archery and all other sports you can think of. They also have their hobby section that includes weaving, band, choir, robotics, photography, dance, sculpture, etc.

St. Paul’s School, Darjeeling


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This is an all boys school started in 1823. It is a popular location for movies, most famous being the Shahrukh Khan starrer Main Hoon Na.

Heritage School, Talegaon


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Started in 2005, a co-ed school, they provide a blend of academic, sporting, cultural and artistic activities in a high quality environment.

Mayo College, Ajmer


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Another all boys boarding school, it was founded by Richard Bourke in 1875. There was only one student when the school began and he was Maharaja Mangal Singh of Alwar.

Wynberg-Allen School, Mussorie


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Located atop the hills in Mussorie, the school began in 1894. In addition to the formal education imparted in the classroom, the children also have access to all sports facilities.

Jayshree Periwal International School, Jaipur


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This school looks like a Disney castle. They are environment conscious and have rain-water harvesting, solar power and ozone-friendly air conditioning.

Druk White Lotus School, Leh


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Students study Bothi (the local language), English and Hindi including science, social studies, creative arts and sports. They are also taught livelihood skills, including team work, presentation skills, leadership and problem solving through formal and co-curricular activities.

Welham Girl’s School, Dehradun


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It was started with the vision of providing equal education to girls in Independent India. The school has grown from 10 girls in 1957 to over 600 right now.

St. Joseph’s College, Nainital


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St. Joseph’s College in Nainital has been one of the premier educational institutes in India since it’s inception in 1888. It is set amidst the Kumaon hills and focuses on all  round development of it’s students.

Woodstock School, Mussoorie


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Located amidst dense forest, this school is considered as one of the most elite institutions in the country. It is a co-educational, residential, international school.

Daly College, Indore


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Just look at that magnificent structure, it looks like a Palace. This premier institute is made entirely from reinforced concrete and was started by Lord Dufferin in 1885.

St. George’s College, Mussoorie


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It is an elite, all-boys institution providing both residential and non-residential options. The sprawling campus is spread over 400 acres.

Rajkumar College, Rajkot


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Established in 1868 by the Princes and Chiefs of Kathiawar to impart education to the Princely order. Their fine arts curriculum is known all over.

Bishop Cotton School, Shimla


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Bishop Cotton School, Shimla, is the one of the oldest boarding schools in Asia, having been founded in 1859, by Bishop George Edward Lynch Cotton. This was when there were few schools in India. Today they have a different girls and boys schools.

Kasiga School, Dehradun


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It is one of the leading boarding school, for both girls as well as boys, in India. Kasiga is situated in salubrious surroundings and equipped with a fabulous state-of-the-art infrastructure.

I bet these schools made you wish you studied at one of these places!

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