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5 Things that Went Extremely Wrong with MS Dhoni-The Untold Story

For those of you who believe that the MS Dhoni- The Untold Story is a factual and chronological biopic of his life, the movie may disappoint you. There are great chances that true Dhoni fans may tell you more about Dhoni than the movie does itself.
In an incompetent effort to cram up important aspects of Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s life, the filmmakers missed out some important facts which otherwise should have never been left out of his biopic. Here are a few of them.

Nothing on how Dhoni became the captain

Moving from one scene which depicts the disappointment of team India at the ICC World Cup, MSD is shown moments later captaining the Indian side at the ICC T20’s, the interesting journey from player to captain is somehow ignored.

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No Brother

Surprisingly the movie doesn’t feature MSD’s brother Narendra Singh Dhoni, a well known Samajwadi party politician from Ranchi. However, his sister Jayanti is shown.

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No show of his Love for the Army

If you follow Dhoni, you will notice his genuine love for the Indian Army. The skipper rarely fails to talk about our army even while interacting with the press, furthermore he has been given the rank of Lt. Colonel by the Indian Army. None of this is covered in the movie.

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MSD and his wife Sakshi

The movie incorrectly shows how the couple came to be. Even though the meeting between the two is depicted with factual clarity, some scenes question the reality. For instance, Dhoni and Sakshi knew each other from school days, but she fails to recognize him in a one scene even though he is the captain of the Indian cricket team.

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Chronological Errors with his first love story.

Priyanka was Dhoni’s first love interest, and filmmakers somehow got the chronology of their love story wrong. The movie displays how the two met in 2005 after Dhoni played an ODI against Pakistan, however this is not true, Priyanka knew Dhoni from 2002 when he was still aspiring to play for India.
In 2003, Priyanka lost her life in a car accident and unfortunately never saw MSD play for India.

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