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7 Chaiwalas Who Would Make You Regret Your Career Choice

Tea is one of the most loved and consumed drink in the world. No matter where a person goes, no matter in what state of mind he is, a warm cup of tea pleases us all. Tea unites people of all classes and strata. And last year, the chaiwalas and chaiwalis were on fire. They were among the ones who were highly trending and were being discussed about.

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We take a look at 7 such tea-talents!

#1 Narendra Modi

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Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi was a chaiwala before wetting his feet into politics. No doubt over that, he held us gripped to our chairs and tea in our hands from the very first day of his joining the office in May 2014 as he took strong decisions to clean India in all aspects he could!!

#2 Arshad Khan

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Well well well, we all know about this guy from a small village in Pakistan, who grew to be the biggest internet sensation because of his stunning looks. Women around the world were mesmerized by his eyes and looks. This eventually led him to many modelling contracts and he even got attention from eminent personalities including Shah Rukh Khan. Well, the money that he earned from the endorsements and contracts, he chose to invest them in his chai business and has even expanded it successfully.

#3 Uppma Virdi

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She was quite a sensation on the Internet, not because of her looks or something, but because of her venture named “Chai Walli”  that she has been running successfully. She is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Australia. She’s actually a lawyer by training and worked in Australia, until her passion and love for tea led her to start her own cafe. In November 2016, she was honoured as the Australia’s ‘Businesswoman of the year’.

#4 Somnath Giram

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A young lad who came to Pune to complete his education, he worked at various food stalls and later started his own tea stall. Soon he cracked the CA Entrance Examination and became the sensation. Now, he has been appointed as the brand ambassador of the Maharashtra government’s Learn and Earn scheme.

#5 Kishore Bhajiyawala

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This chaiwala-turned financier was recently in limelight when the Income tax Department raided his house and found hundreds of crores in cash, jewellery, bullion and properties from his possession. Starting with a city based tea stall in Surat, he soon started financing people. He is now being called  the Black Tea seller.

#6 Madhur Malhotra

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This affluent engineer turned chaiwala who was living and working in Australia backed down his job with package of over 30 lakhs and came to India to start a tea stall of his own. He has his own tea house named “Chai 34″, which serves tea enthusiasts with 20 different flavors, making it one of the most popular and likable outlets in the city. Well he came back to India not for his chai, but to live by his parents.

#7 Vijayan and Mohana

This tea shop couple from Kochi have traveled 16 different countries around the world and their source of income- their sole tea shop. Together they have visited countries like Egypt, Jordan, Singapore, London, Paris, Switzerland, Venice, Malaysia and America – apart from travelling the various states in the country. They travel by financing their journey through loans – which they repay within three years!!

Quite amazed, right? Thinking of starting your own Chai shop after reading this? Feel free to discuss your business ideas with us 🙂

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