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7 Healthy Indian Snacks you can Make under 10 Minutes

Here are top 7 healthy snacks which you can make at home fast and guilt free.

Masala Corn Salad


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Masala corn is yet another fast, tasty and somehow underrated recipe when it comes to snacks you can make at home. I think it fails to get the credit it deserves. In under 10 minutes you can cook yourself a bowl of masala sweet corn which is a sure delicacy. Corn is rich in dietary fiber and is overall good for you’re health, mix it in a salad of you’re choice and in no time you will have a snack which is not only good for you’re body, but also for you’re tongue.

Spicy Steamed Fish

steamed fish with chilli and lime sauce

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Coming from Kerela this complex steamed dish is simple and takes only 8 minutes to cook, preparation time however is around 10 minutes. You can easily cook this dish at home and enjoy it as a snack in the evening or with you’re food. The fish is packed with so much flavor that it with tantalize you’re taste buds. It can be found in many homes and eateries throughout kerela and since it is steamed, it is very good for health.



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Coming from the western part of India, this special rice batter cake is staple in many households across the country. The ease and speed of this recipe lies in its simplicity. The fermented batter takes only about 15 minutes to cook and with the addition of simple condiments like pepper, coriander and ginger, this bland batter transforms itself into this mouthwatering delicacy.



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No matter where you live, you have tasted a dosa. This dish is sworn by South Indians and it packs a great flavor. Dosa contains black gram which is a good source of protein. Dosas can be made in literally 10 minutes and in 4 simple steps. Usually served with Sambar and Chutney, the Dosa is one tasty snack you cant miss. Google the recipe, you might just make one while reading this post!



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Momos are readily available throughout India today, originating from Tibet, momos have been accepted across the country for their simplicity and taste. Momos can be filled with any kind of stuffing, thus it is upto you if you want to make these cakes of flour nutritious. They take an average of 7 minutes of preparation and around 10 minutes of steaming. In 15, you have a relishing snack of healthy goodness which will be over before you know it.



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If you travel anywhere in Maharashtra, you will come across Poha, a very healthy and tasty breakfast available almost throughout the state. Poha is uncomplicated to cook and is a savory delight which can be produced in under 15 minutes. The taste of poha can be enhanced by easily adding condiments like chilies, peanuts, cilantro to name a few. The speed and simplicity of its preparation makes it a regular in every kids dabba.

Goan Style Tiger Prawns


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Goan stuffed prawns are available at every shack on every beach in Goa. This flavorsome starter can be made in 6-11 minutes and packs a delicious punch with every bite. After stuffing the prawns with garlic, cinnamon, veggies(literally), peppercorns, cumin seeds and cloves throw them into a shallow fry for about 5 minutes. They may not be healthy for you but they aren’t very unhealthy either.

After eating all of that, I’m sure you can afford yourself the luxury of one cheat meal.

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