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7 Hypocrite Things Every Indian Says Or Does

Hypocrisy is what makes us human. Being two faced is what gets us by each day. It has been passed down to us by generations and we are not the ones to lose out on such bad habits are we? According to Cambridge Dictionary, hypocrisy means a situation in which someone pretends to believe something that they do not really believe, or that is the opposite of what they do or say at another time. Here is a list of what makes Indians so hypocritically correct.

1) Marriage hypocrisy

Bride’s only qualification should be how to make good round rotis and look fair and lovely. Bridegroom’s only qualification should be earning good money in a big company and if he’s settled abroad, buy my daughter already.

2) Racism Hypocrisy

People in India about racism abroad: “I love Nelson Mandela. His fight for equality inspires me”, “Trump is so racist” “I am so angry at all the hate crime committed against African Americans and Indian Americans in America”

People in India: Distant and not important relative says, “Have you tried fair and lovely?” or Tarun Vijay, BJP MP says, “If we were racist, why would we have the south? Why do we live with them? We have black people around us.”

3) Ladka Ladki Ek Samaan hypocrisy

Let us get one thing straight first- “FEMINISM MEANS EQUALITY FOR ALL GENDERS”. Please don’t say stupid things as meninism. Now that that is out of the way, let us focus. Indians want girls to get a good education but after marriage, kick your career in the butt because if you earn then your husband will feel worthless. So, resort back to pealing potatoes while watching ‘Sasuraal Simar Ka’. Indian’s also want guys to manly and not show their emotions but when that bottled up rage comes out for all the wrong reasons, he is blamed.

4) PDA hypocrisy

Indian’s can watch movies like ‘Great Grand Masti’ and ‘Kya Kool Hai Hum’ but beat up people in the parks or in the street holding hands or having an arm over another’s shoulder. Also, banning movies like ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ because it’s “women oriented”.

5) SEX hypocrisy

I’m sure that got your attention. But seriously, talking about sex is such a big taboo in the second most populous country of the world. Half our country’s problems would be solved if people actually knew about contraceptive things like condoms and not just read about a very subtle advert on the ceiling of the local train.

6) Protect Cows Not Women Hypocrisy

Jaya Bachchan was right in saying that. I am not saying that an animal’s life is lower than that of a human but where women are being daily butchered by the laws of patriarchy and macho-ism, we are more worried about cows that was not an issue before.

7) Children Have Their Own Minds Hypocrisy

source: tumblr

“Beta you can do anything with your life, it’s your life after all. I won’t be there all your life. But, take science or commerce then do whatever you want. Then do MBA or Engineering or become a doctor, after that you’re free. Then get married to fair and lovely poster girl/abroad settled boy, After that you are free, then have at least two kids for me to play with, after that you go live your life. When I die pray for my moksha, then you are free. I am a good parent.”

These are some of the hypocrite things that all Indians are pretty used to now. But, so is life and life is so. What to do? It’s all A-okay.

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