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7 Reddit Threads That You Must Read!

Where do you go when you need some honest answers? Reddit, of course! The anonymity allows people to answer the most stupid to serious questions without the fear of judgement or consequences. Here are some Reddit threads that you must catch up on-

1. The Cultural Exchange With Pakistan

Not just Indians and Pakistanis, people from all over the world came together to interact on this thread about the two countries. At a time when politicians and some media persons call for blood-bath, such simpler exchanges are very welcome.

Cultural exchange with /r/Pakistan – The Thread. from india

2. The Unmarried Indians

While the question itself was directed at men, many women too pitched in on how being unmarried in India is. Marriage continues to be a dominant pressure faced equally harshly by both men and women, and the diverse opinions on marriage in the country are reflected on the thread.

Indian men who remained unmarried out of choice, how’s life now? Any regrets? from india

3. The Perception of India from Foreign Eyes

The answers on this thread range from predictable, heart-warming to down right hilarious. It is fascinating to see how some aspects of our country that we take for granted or do not even register consciously can be something that stands out for some people.

Non Indians of Reddit, what comes to your mind when you hear about India? from AskReddit

4. The Train Thread

This archived thread was commented to be among the best of Indian Reddit. Someone asked others about their train journey, and a thousand different tales came forward. Funny, ridiculous and touching stories about fellow passengers, notorious time keeping and hawkers.

The train thread from india

5. The Scary Moments

A thread detailing the most scary moments that the redditors had encountered. Some may genuinely scary, others may be so due to the particular contexts that the people were caught in. Dive in to see which ones would have given you goosebumps.


r/India, what was the most scariest heart-in-the-mouth situation in your life? from india

5. The Supernatural Thread

How can a community on the internet not have a talk about paranormal stuff? While most people in this thread continued to deny the existence of ghosts, they did share some incidents that spooked them nevertheless.

r/india, what is your scariest encounter with the supernatural? from india

6. Indian Food

Yes, you can find information and recipes all over the internet, but on Reddit, these are often accompanied by a deep discussion about the style and preparation, sprinkled with some solid advice or funny anecdotes.

What don’t Westerners understand about Indian food? from IndianFood

7. The Black Money Thread

The demonetization hit all Indians hard, but you, the honest citizen, can finally have a laugh. People shared stories of others (and their own selves), of how the sudden devaluation of money hit them. It may fill you with a sense of satisfaction to see at least some black-money hoarders panicking and losing.

Do you guys know any people hoarding lots of blackmoney and affected? Tell us the stories from india

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