7 Things You Can Relate To If You Love Staying At Home

If someone ever asked me where I like to spend most of my time, I wouldn’t hesitate even once before saying, ‘home’. It is that one place where I can be my complete self, be it the ‘no make-up look me’ or ‘the ice-cream-tub-hogging me’ or the ‘happy-sad-angry-smiling me’ since this place handles me in all of these phases. Keep reading if this sounds like you.

1) The very thought of going out is exhausting

You are very comfortable on your couch, watching TV.

2) You never willingly go out

young woman is sitting alone in a nightclub

Be it Friday nights or weekends your friends drag you to a party which you never would have imagined going to if you had a choice. Partying and going out makes you cringe.

3) Making a bunch of excuses to avoid venturing outside

“I am not feeling well”, “I have a lot of work at office, can’t make it” are some of the excuses you’ve used in the past.

4) You would rather snuggle up in bed with a book or browse the internet under your soft blanket than go out for a drink

Be it mid-week or a weekend making plans is not your priority and you don’t even feel jealous looking at those party pictures posted by your friends. You know that being at home is pure bliss!

5) You love your PJ’s

If you are a girl, putting on your fancy heels and make up is just additional drama for you. Wearing a t-shirt and track pants and rolling on your couch is something that sounds more like you.

6) You love ordering food rather than going out for brunches or dinners

Why go through the entire process of getting ready just to sit around some random strangers and paying more for food? You would rather sit on your comfy couch with pizza delivered at your doorstep while you catch up on your favorite TV show.

7) Your favourite pastime at home is sleeping

If you find yourself sleeping at home with the curtains drawn most of the times, it is a big sign that you are in a committed relationship with your bed.

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