8 Celebrities you had no idea were related!!!

1) The Akhtars and Khan siblings are maternal first cousins. Their mothers are real sisters!1

2) Uday Chopra is television star Roshni Chopra’s Uncle. Her father is Uday’s first cousin.


3) Singer Armaan Malik is Music Director Anu Malik’s nephew. His father Daboo is Anu’s brother. Now you know where the talent partly comes from!


4) Johar’s mother and Chopra’s father are siblings, making the leading Bollywood screen-sizzlers first cousins!


5) Sonam’s mom and Ranveer’s dad are cousins, making the two leading actors distant cousins!


6) Ali Zafar is married to Aamir’s distant cousin. So Ali is eligible to call Aamir saala!


7) Lata Mangeshkar is Shraddha’s distant grandmother. Now we know how she sings for most of her songs!


8) Tabu is Shabana Azmi’s niece. Her father Jamaal Hashmi is Shabana’s brother.

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