8 Things You’ll Relate To If You Have Really Cool Grandparents

Grandparents are the best people one can have in their life. They are there for you and support you always. They give you life lessons from the indescribable experiences that they have had in life. Basically all grandparents are freaking cool and there’s no doubt about it. You know that you can trust them when you are facing a crisis because they will have the perfect solution for you. Thus here are 8 things that you can relate to if you have cool grandparents.

1) Before you even say it, they will be ready with your favorite dish.

Grannyyyyy knows best!

2) If they are chopping some veggie or fruit that you like, trust them to feed you at least one piece out of it.

last one.

3) Their stories are like life lessons to you.

You know what I did once…. TELL ME

4) They are more eager to know about technology than you ever were

How do you this Facebook?

5) You can tell them your secrets and they won’t even judge you

My grandmother knows my boyfriend better than me.

6) They know that everything can be solved by one thing: food

7) They support you through thick and thin

8) Basically they are the cool version of your parents

Cherish and love your grandparents. They only have you as entertainment.

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