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8 Unusual Parathas To Give A Treat To Your Taste Buds

India’s relationship with paratha goes a long way. Ever since we were a kid, parathas used to be a part of our tiffins, our breakfasts and now as an adult, these have become parts of our daily life. While aloo ka paratha is a national favourite, one could use anything on earth as a paratha stuffing. We are going to prove this by listing out some of the most unusual parathas that you can have.

1) Sattu Ka Paratha

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Not so famous, but this paratha has a consistent fan following. Sattu is basically roasted gram flour. Sattu is quite healthy and is packed with nutrients and tastes good as well. Sattu can be easily prepared by grinding roasted channa dal.

2) Chocolate Paratha

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Not all things taste good with chocolate, but a paratha does! This paratha can be made by adding choco chips to the dough. Roll the paratha carefully as the choco chips will not allow it to roll properly. Shallow fry with few drops of oil and eat it right away!

3) Papad Paratha

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Papad Parathas are an amazing creation. As unusual as it sounds, papad parathas might give a tough competition to the regular aloo ka parathas. Roast some papad, crush it and add chopped onion, tomatoes and green chillies to it. Use this as the paratha stuffing. Enjoy it with some curd.

4) Halwa Paratha

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A famous Ramadan dish, the Halwa Paratha can also be a great winter morning delight. Halwa made of Semolina can be used as the stuffing and once they come out of the tawa, eat them hot!

5) Chini Paratha

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This one paratha once used to be the highlight of every school kid’s tiffin. Eaten without and side dish, this paratha is one of the easiest to make. Make balls of dough and add sugar to it (you can add powdered sugar too). Enjoy this yummy delight while you relish all those childhood memories.

6) Shrimp Paratha

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A delight for all the fish lovers out there, these parathas can be found in restaurants near beaches. De-skin and de-vein the shrimp and then boil them. Finely chop them and add salt and pepper. Use this as stuffing and cook the normal way. These parathas can be relished with some red chilli coconut chutney.

7) Cheese Paratha

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For all the cheese lovers out there, here comes your favourite paratha. Use your favourite mozzarella cheese or just a simple slice of cheese for the paratha. Use grated or sliced cheese as the filling and then prepare it as a usual paratha. Enjoy it with some red chilli sauce.

8) Salami Paratha

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Slice the salami and shallow fry it in olive oil and then add crushed pepper and salt on both sides. If you are making triangular parathas then you can slide in the slice inside the paratha. This tastes good with some mint chutney.

Knead the dough and get ready to eat some wonderful parathas!

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