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Nayaa Bharat vouches to put forth anything and everything that concerns India. As our name suggests, we are a new media platform here to give you all the tidbits that you would want to know about India, be it politics, sports, Bollywood or heroics of Indian citizens. We focus on trending topics through the day so that we can provide you with fresh content way before you open your daily morning newspaper.

We are a media platform that provides information that can be relatable with readers of all ages. We want the readers to be not only informed about what is trending in India but also be entertained by quirky, weird and unusual stuff that shall prove to be an interesting read away from the boring and mundane news.  This is a platform for all ages and interests under the sun can connect with. After all, all five fingers are not the same, and that is something we follow here too.

Nayaa Bharat is co-founded by Arun Prabhudesai and Nikita Wable. It is run by Armoks Interactive Labs along with bouquet of other websites. Our presence is extended in two major Indian cities- Mumbai and Pune.

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