And finally, Indian men can now file sexual harassment complaints


India’s rape laws have in some ways had a bias towards women by far. However, the University Grants Commission has now come out with an odd. It has brought out new regulations, which would now allow male students to file complaints.

These laws, which were always meant to be gender neutral as its not just women and transgenders who face sexual harassment. The UGC’s Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal of Sexual Harassment will now be gender neutral.


Men have often faced issues with regards to facing harassment, especially from the transgender community in India. The matter is however often ignored and not often spoken about. This new regulation speaks in the favour of men, demanding swift and decisive action against gender-based violence against employees and students of all genders.

The instances of males being harassed are traced back to 2007, as per an UGC official, where he told a newspaper that 2 male students had then filed a complaint against a teacher at the Ramjas College. However, in 2016 the regulation has finally been passed.


Lawyer Brinda Grover who advocated the cause stated that it is good to encourage a gender-neutral law.

Students found guilty in the act can be rusticated. Teachers and other employees shall face action as per the rules of service. Colleges and universities who do not abide by the said new law would be facing funds cuts.

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