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Why Baahubali Is A New High For Indian Cinema

Yes, it has been a while, but it seems like nobody can stop talking about Baahubali. The blockbuster film and its stunning conclusion has been lauded for many things. Above all, there is a hope that the film can turn around the way Indian Cinema functions, and for the better. Here are some ways the the film was a path breaker-

1. The Budget

Rs. 430 crore went into the making of the movies. That in itself is not what that matters, though. What matters is that it shows in the quality of the film. Every scene and frame was well planned and equally well executed, sparing no expense.

2. The Box Office

Many questioned pouring in so much money into the two movies, but the audience paid back for the amazing story. The film franchise has made over 2000 crores worldwide, and it is the highest grossing film series of India. In contrast, the second highest grossing series, Dhoom, has made only 800 crores.

3. The Grand Scale

With all that money involved, it was natural that the movie was going to be masterpiece of cinematic elements. The aerial shots, costumes, use of animals, CGI rendering and number of people used are all unprecedented. At one point, choreographer Peter Hein had to manage 2000 stuntmen and elephants together.

4. Strong Storyline

Movies in India cinema are often called out for their silly stories. Not Baahubali, though. The plot was gripping, involving the themes of love, loyalty, duty and dharma. The love story is just one aspect of the tale. The female characters were so much more than just eye candy, they drove the plot along with the male characters.

5. Technical Brilliance

The movie was a visual treat, and it was all thanks to the incredible technicians who worked day and night to provide animation and computer-generated imagery. Without the stunning visual elements, the movie would surely have been lackluster.

6. Pre-Release Anticipation

Movies usually depend on heavy promotion by stars to generate interest in audiences. But Baahubali was always in news and social media for other reasons- the money involved, the technology used, and of course, that one question that kept us awake for a year- Why did Katappa kill Baahubali?

7. Cross Success

The film has done well in India and overseas. It praise came from both the audience and critics alike, and the dubbing made it appealing to all types of people across India. Baahubali’s success is a resounding testament to the fact that if something is good, the effort paid into it will pay back in kind.

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