Beautiful: 12 Of The Most Iconic Characters Of Bollywood Films

A movie is made of its characters. Even if you say that the script or the story line makes the movie, still, it’s the characters who give life to the story. Without characters, a story would have no meaning, just like Earth would have no meaning without humans. Characters give meaning to a story, they are the beating heart, the breathing lungs, the working brain and sometimes the hungry stomach of the skeleton, that is the plot. A character of a movie, is what makes the movie memorable.

As I said before, character maketh the movie. Yet, even in those millions of characters from a billion movies, there are some who leave a mark on your mind for being brilliant. Some credit even goes to the actor for being able to portray it as it was sketched. Thus, here are 12 iconic characters of all time from Bollywood movies.

1) Raju, Guide

Raju’s story in the movie, “Guide” is one of love, loss and redemption. His character is as awe inspiring as it is sympathised with.

2) Chandni, Chandni

A woman who is both innocent and seductively gorgeous. A woman who’s smile can either make you love her or lust for her. She was the woman of dreams, “Chandni o meri chandni”

3) Vijay Deenanath Chauhan, Agneepath

A man lusting for revenge and redemption. His reality on the silver screen became, somehow, our reality too. His words cut like edges and made us believe in him and cheer him on.

4) Choti Bahu, Saheb Biwi Aur Ghulam

The quiet, understanding but scared woman who can go to any ends to win back her husband’s heart, even take alcohol, which she used to despise.

5) Bhuvan, Lagaan

The one man who united a whole village to play against the Britishers so that they can live their lives with dignity. He inspired millions and the movie even went for the Oscars.

6) Rani, Queen

A woman who went on her honeymoon destinations alone after being abandoned by her fiancé because she wasn’t of his standard anymore. She inspired millions of women who were too shy to stand up to their problems. She was and will always be, ‘Queen’.

7) Devdas Mukherjee, Devdas

Devdas’ pain of losing his love and drowning in alcohol would give you a heart wrenching pain. He is the eternal symbol of a man who has lost everything.

8) Geet, Jab We Met

The bubbly girl who won’t shut up made everyone fall head over heels in love with her. Her bursting personality would even dim the sun.

9) Tara Singh, Gadar

The guy who uprooted a freaking handpump to save the woman he loves. I mean he puts the prem in Gadar, Ek prem katha.

10) Radha, Mother India

The iconic mother. The selfless mother who became the symbol of mothers all around India, Radha was a strong and brave woman who could even take up a gun to kill her own son when he chose the wrong path.

11) Anand, Anand

The happy-go-lucky guy whose death made the whole country mourn. His charm, the way he said, “babumoshai” is still remembered by millions.

12) Amiran, Umrao Jaan

The woman who conquered pain only to be shattered again and then built up into a glass doll. She embodied pain and beauty.

There are many more and these are only some of the iconic characters of all time. These characters will forever be etched into the minds and souls of us, movie fanatics.

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