Become a Yeti of the Himalayas using this new app


Google has never disappointed its users when it comes to innovative and enjoyable applications. This time as well Google has come up with something extremely unique. Its a game called Verne: The Himalayas which uses the data from Google maps and lets you explore the Himalayas in all its glory. Whats even more interesting is that you get to do this controlling a 500 foot friendly Yeti named Verne. How cool is that!


There are checkpoints marked which present the user with some information about the area or present Verve with different things to try, including hand glides and jetpacks! There are many more such things that you will be allowed to try out as Verne.


However, if you get bored then you can go on an expedition and explore the globe as you float around with a balloon. There is the usual trivia, history and geographic profile of the various areas along with goals that you need to achieve on the way making it an incredibly engaging experience.


Sadly for the IOS users, this app is only available for Android users currently. We are hoping that this is just one of the many instalments that are yet to come as we absolutely love this one.

Check out the video :

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