Bizarre Medical Practices You Won’t Believe Still Exist In India

In a country where most of the kids try to (or are forced to) become either an engineer or a doctor, bizarre beliefs still exist. In the end, what’s the use of having so many doctors and engineers if there are still lakhs of people who don’t receive proper medical treatment? Most of these people end up following some bizarre medical practices which might or might not have a scientific backing. Here’s a list of some of the most bizarre medical practices still prevalent in India.

1) Urine/Poop Facial Therapy


This might as well be as bad as it sounds. In order to deal with acne and pimples, someone came with a super awesome natural method which is so natural that the ingredients come directly from our own body! All you have to do is collect your piss every morning and apply it on your face and if that doesn’t work you might as well start drinking it. If all of this doesn’t work then the final option is to collect your poop and apply it as facemask. Simple.

2) Bloodletting


Bloodletting is the art of cutting through veins in the body by using a blade. This allows small quantities of blood to flow. It’s believed that by doing so various ailments and diseases can be cured, by getting rid of ‘polluted’ blood. This procedure dates back to ancient times and is even mentioned in some Ayurvedic texts.

3) Yoga for Infertility


Yoga can help you stay fit and healthy, but how can it help with infertility? Some people believe that infertility is caused by stress and other fitness issues, and well, yoga helps you with the opposite. Yoga helps you stay calm and healthy, and hence fertility can be boosted by doing yoga. As of now, this theory has no scientific backing.

4) The Bathini Gouds’ Asthma Cure


We all know that Asthma has no cure. The Bathini Gouds are here to prove you wrong. These people have been using a 160 year old treatment procedure wherein the patient has to swallow a live fish whole along with the secret medicinal ball. The patient will then have to follow a 45 day strict diet which will be provided by the Bathini Gouds. The family claims to have cured millions of people.

5) Medicines With Traces Of Silver/Gold


Certain Babas in Mumbai and Delhi are earning their living by fooling people into buying highly expensive medicines which have traces of Gold/Silver in it. No one exactly knows how the presence of gold or silver helps with curing diseases, because all these metals do is block the arteries.

6) Hijama


Hijama is an ancient Islamic technique that has been practiced for centuries. Hijama is the Arabic term for wet cupping where blood is drawn by vacuum from a small skin incision for therapeutic purposes. No, this process is not similar to bloodletting because here blood is drawn to a specific location through suction and then extracted by perforating the skin and not by cutting the veins.

7) Cow Urine Treatments


This list would have been incompletely if I didn’t mention this. We all have been told since childhood that cow urine has some really amazing healing power. Scientifically, cow urine has no benefit and it’s just cow’s waste. Still, people believe that drinking cow urine purifies and cleanses the body. Cow urine is also used as an antiseptic and as aftershave.

In a country where only a handful of people have access to proper medical care, this is how the rest of the country battles with its own problems.

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