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Blood Bank, Ambulance or any other medical emergency- This app comes to your rescue

Krishna_Kant_TiwariWhen we travel places with our friends or plan on a road trip somewhere far from the city and one of your friends fall sick, you don’t know where you are and how far the doctor is from that particular place. Then this app might help you find one.

Sometimes you come across a situation wherein you see someone meet an accident. You want to help them but don’t how. You just waste your time in dialing helpline numbers.


When you know your house-help has been undergoing treatment at some clinic for months. And the doctors insists on various more tests, but she has no money for scans and medicines. You feel like helping her but also feel powerless at the same time.

Because of all these reasons, and all the trouble people are going through, Krishnakant Tiwari developed the Ausodhyamitka app. It is described as a ‘holistic healthcare hub’. This app lists many things such as blood banks, ambulances and hospitals nearby or near the user.


It also provides a lot more additional comprehensive data on medicines and their generic substitutes. A reputed media house exposed a prescription scam in 2014. Sometimes doctors prescribe incorrect and expensive medicines to their patients.

There were cases of doctors exploiting their patients. ‘As doctors know that patients have nowhere else to go, and therefore doctors take their advantage’, said Tiwari, on watching all of these cases.

Driven by the mantra ‘Knowledge is Power,’ Tiwari took on the colossal project of elucidating medicine for the common man!


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