Britishers… No, this is Not What India is…


Westerners, especially Britishers still perceive India in a stereotypical way — perhaps due to our legacy. We at Nayaa Bharat try to break that notion!

No! India is not poor and poverty struck nation

Though there is still lot of poverty, India is still home to significant amount of the world’s richest people. In a report by forbes this year, India is the home for world’s 84 billionaires.


No! Indians are also good at other sports apart from Cricket

Here we can give the Brits the benefit of doubt.  Maybe they haven’t yet recovered from the movie Lagaan’s hangover. Of course we are the best in Cricket but Indians have innumerable other sports and have won laurels in every sport nationally and internationally.


No! All Bollywood movies are not just about dancing and singing

Another common misconception of the Brits is Bollywood movies don’t have an effective story-line and is only filled with  drama, dance and songs. So let me tell you, those are only Ram Gopal Varma and Sajid Khan movies you’ve seen, apart from that many amazing movies have been made in India.


No! It’s Not Only Dirt and Chaos Everywhere

On a certain post some British filmmakers were having a discussion about locations to shoot for a documentary on poverty. A lot of people suggested visit India to experience what they think is the real India – dirt and chaos. But they overlook the fact that India is developing its infrastructure and aesthetic beauty at a very fast rate. India has a significant amount of luxury hotels, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and shopping malls.


No! We do not have a Single ‘Indian’ Language

India has 22 major languages and over 1635 dialect and yes there is no such language as Indian.


No! India is not filled with uneducated people

India produces over 1.5 Million Engineers every year, Over 100,000 Doctors pass out of Medical Colleges. What’s More, most Indians fare better in English competitive tests than Britishers and Americans


No! Indian’s don’t only eat spicy food.

Just like India has diversity in cultures there is diversity in food. All Indian food is not spicy. In-fact there are some of the best Italian, Chinese, Thai, Continental, Mexican cuisine restaurants in India.


No! Slumdog Millionaire does not depict the culture of India.

Many Brits suggest each other,  ‘to understand life in India, watch Slumdog Millionaire’. So let me clarify that Slumdog Millionaire only depicts Danny Boyle’s perception about India which is obviously not entirely true. After all its just a film.


No! All Indian’s don’t only work in BPO’s and IT sector

It has become common for a lot of foreigners to assume that Indians work either work in a BPO and talk in funny Indian accents (all thanks to movies like Outsourced)  or are good at coding and work as tech supports. Though the second one is partly true but Indians are not restricted to only that, they are also very creative people and have shined in all the fields.


No! There aren’t elephants and snake charmers everywhere in India

The image of India being the land of snake charmers and mystics roaming on the streets is old school now. You will surely find elephants and snakes here, but only in our zoos.

Can you spot an Elephant or a snake charmer in the crowd pic below?


No, All Indians aren’t obsessed with cows

Though it may sound funny, but lot of Brits feel that cows are seen all around the streets. It doesn’t happen anymore. Though cows are considered holy as a part of Hindu religion, but it’s not like people stop and say a prayer every time they see a cow around.


Though we have painted a very Utopian picture of our country and surely India must be lacking in a lot of aspects. But no country is perfect, the people of the country make it better. We at Nayaa Bharat believe to look at the glass half full rather than half empty. Anyways it’s high time we break the negative notions the Britishers have about India. This article is an attempt to do just that.

Source: Quora
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