Can you Believe These Beautiful Indian Women Were Men Before?

In its historic decision, in 2014, to give ‘third gender’ status to eunuchs, the Supreme Court also ruled that governments cannot deprive a person of his/her legal right to acquire preferred gender through sex change operation. This led to many people coming forward about their transformation.

Bobby Darling- Pakhi Sharma

The most famous case is of Bobby Darling, who people know as she had appeared in many films. She changed her name to Pakhi Sharma and underwent a sex reassignment surgery. She is now happily married to the love of her life.


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Gaurav Arora- Gauri Arora

The people who have seen him in the MTv reality show, Splitsvilla 8, will remember that he had been very open about his bisexuality throughout the show.  He had not let the judgmental society keep him from being who he is. Now he has gone a step further and changed his gender to become the girl that he always wanted to be. Her name is now Gauri Arora and would henceforth be known as same. Take a look at her inspiring transformation.



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Shinata Sangha

This model was born as a man in a typical Punjabi family. Going through surgery was the toughest decision for her. Today she is a successful model in UK.


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Nikki Chawla

Another model who felt trapped in the body of man, she went through the surgery in 2009.


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She is the first Indian transgender model to be selected for a contest in Thailand.


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These women have gone against the societal pressures to be who they are. More power to them!

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