Celebrity BBFs Who Will Make You Jealous

We all have friends, and we love them too. Celebrities are no exception to this universal truth. The only difference for them is that their relationships often come under scrutiny. While it may be annoying for them, this scanner on their lives also gives us a glimpse of all the friendships that are a part of tinsel town. Here are some friends who will give you all of the BFF goals.

1. SRK and Karan Johar

Frequent film collaborators, the duo have taken their friendship off screen too, and it is known as one of the most visible and longest Bollywood friendships. Despite admitting to a distance between them in recent years, Johar stated in his book that his friendship with Shahrukh Khan was one which ‘just cannot die’.

2. Ranveer Singh and Arujun Kapoor

The jodi is famous for both its looks and antics, on and off screen. They have often talked openly about their friendship, and even suffered a roast (courtesy of AIB), together. They never run out of topics to talk about, keep in touch through random messages, and even call each other baba lovingly.

3. Akshay Kumar and Rahul Sharma

The actor has achieved the ultimate friendship status- playing cupid for his friend, entrepreneur Rahul Sharma. It was Akshay Kumar who helped Rahul to land his dream girl, Asin Tottukamal, who is now his wife. Kumar was the best man at the wedding, and often plays cricket with Rahul when he is not shooting films.

4. Sara Ali Khan and Jhanvi Kapoor

It is not just the current generation of Bollywood who is busy living the good life with friends. Daughters of Sridevi and Saif Ali Khan, Sara and Jhanvi have been clicked together on many occasions, from parties to casual walks out. Perhaps they are busy planning their entries into the film industry.

5. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Zirak Marker

This two decade long friendship between the former Miss Universe and the psychiatrist has never been affected by the career differences of the star status of Rai. They try to meet up whenever they can, and otherwise regularly keep in touch. Zirak talked about Aishwarya undying loyalty, and is glad to have such a friend.

6. Sonakshi Sinha and Sakshi Mehra

The actress has a longstanding friendship with Mehra, who is a stylist by profession. They have been best friends since they were ten, and have spent almost all their major life milestones together. At Mehra’s wedding, Sonakshi was not only the maid of honor, she was also in charge of making sure all the photos turned out good!

7. Priyanka Chopra and Tamanna Dutt Sharma

Priyanka keeps her trust and friendship in Sharma, who is not a part of the film industry. Sharma was the one who helped Priyanka when she first came to Mumbai to start her career, and the two even lived together for a while. Priyanka reciprocated by helping Sharma plan her wedding, and the two still have fun together.

8. Deepika Padukone and Srila Rao

The two have been inseparable since nursery, and have seen everything from broken milk teeth to Rao’s wedding. Despite her shutting between Bollywood and Hollywood, the actress always finds time for her BFF. Rao seems to have given Padukone’s boyfriend Ranveer Kapoor her stamp of approval, he accompanied her to Rao’s wedding.


While all of us may not be able to life the lavish life these BFFs do, at least we can be thankful for all the love and friendships in our own lives.


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