Check how making a robot your friend will change your life completely!

1We all love our friends, don’t we? But everyone will admit that sometimes even our BFF’s can get annoying with their constant demands and tantrums. Is there even anything like a perfect friend? I don’t think so. Only in a better world would we find a friend who would be there to help us, talk to us, give us advice, listen to everything we have to say and never talk behind our back, whenever and wherever we desire. Now that would be someone worthy of the title “Best Friend”. Won’t he? It’s such a perfect scenario. So just imagine if that was actually possible…if we did have that perfect friend…if instead of a human, we had a robot as a friend!

Here are 9 ways in which life would become much easier if we had a robot best friend.

You will never again have to worry about last minute cancellation of plans. Your new best friend will always accompany you, never cancel plans and never make plans to ditch you.


You will literally have the answers to all your questions. Never again will you have to go looking for solutions to any of your problems. Your new companion will give you all the answers and even comfort you in times of distress.


You will finally have a friend who will understand your sense of (sarcastic) humour and even make you crack up with his funny banter.


It will always listen to you, for as long as you wish to talk for. No complaints, No demands!


There will be no drama whatsoever, whether you forget its birthday or any other supposed important thing. Bottom line, NO FIGHTS EVER.


Special feature for all the girls- No more borrowing your clothes, makeup or books.



Finally a relief from all the times you got a yelling at home for not doing an errand you were asked to do. Your robot will do all the work and you can walk away with all the credit, the love and the chocolates.



No need to worry about pending assignments anymore. Your new best friend will do all your homework (on time!)



Most importantly, it will always be by your side, in good times and the bad.


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