Check out how a 10 year old Indian girl became Britain’s Child Genius 2016

picthurs2Here is a 10 year old that is smarter than maybe most of us. She is Rhea, a girl of Indian origin who has become Britain’s brightest child by winning the ‘Child Genius 2016’ award and making India proud.

Rhea’s family, who are originally from the United States moved to UK six years ago. Rhea entered the final of the show after giving 6 correct answers. For the tie breaker, she and her opponent Saffy were asked to spell the word ‘eleemosynary’, which means relating to charity. Rhea answered correctly and won the title of Britain’s Child Genius of the year.

Child Genius - RHEA

For Rhea it meant getting up early, going to sleep late and studying a lot. But now she feels like all her efforts paid off. Rhea’s mother worked equally hard with her. She quit her job as an obstetrician and dedicated her time to prepare Rhea for the competition. She felt that such competitions gives super intelligent children like Rhea a platform to interact with children like her and feel normal.


The host of the show Richard Osman described this year’s finale as the greatest one in the history of Child Genius. We are all incredibly proud of Rhea, she is our star.

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