Chopping her strands off doesn’t make her any less of a woman, but brings hope to those who don’t have them!

FotorCreatedOne out of eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer today. Almost 4,00,000 women die due to breast cancer, every year. They are then left with only one option, i.e chemotherapy.

But during chemotherapy, women have to loose their precious strands of hair.It becomes very difficult for them to even look at themselves in the mirror. The patient can lose every single strand of hair after three weeks of the first chemotherapy session. They may even lose their eyelashes and eyebrows. At such a time a wig can be their only support.

But it is not easy to make so many wigs, as there are so many cancer victims who go through chemotherapy. Therefore, a charitable drive called ‘Hair for Hope’ was planned by a Facebook page on breast cancer called ‘Protect Your Mom’. It is a hair donation event to help to make wigs for women.


Hair donor Pranjali Galgali says, “Donation is indeed a noble cause. But donating something like your own hair, which takes years of care and potion to grow is truly something that gives me immense pride and sense of satisfaction. I feel great to gift something that I love the most, to someone who needs it the most! With donation of my locks of love, I have inspired at least a couple of them to donate hair in near future.”

Want to donate your hair? Here’s how you can do so! 

Your hair must be shampooed and dried without having trace of chemicals. A maximum of 15 inches is required. But you can make a ponytail of 15 inches or even more with a rubber band. It is better to place another rubber band at 16”. Then make the cut between the two rubber bands. After then place in a zip lock bag and mail to Hair for hope India. Complete instructions are at Email: [email protected]

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