Her Story: The Union of a Desi Girl and her Videsi Sweetheart!

As India is developing, so are our values and cultures. We have become more acceptant and open regarding foreigners. A Mumbai girl, Samantha Kothare, went to Germany as an exchange student and found her soulmate.

This is her story!

“Being an extrovert, I never thought I could fall for someone shy and introvert, but fate had other plans. In May 2013, I was in Germany as an exchange student and it was there that I met my soulmate, Roman. We were introduced by a mutual friend and we immediately connected. Though we both are very different in nature, there was some kind of chemistry between us.


He asked me out on a date and I was very hesitant because I was in Germany for only a couple of months. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try and we started dating. After two months, when it was time for me to leave, Roman came to see me off at the Airport. It was right there, in the middle of the crowded airport, where he confessed and told me he loved me. I was shocked and blurted out ‘I love you too’. It was an emotional parting as I had to come back to India, but he promised to come see me soon.

Thus began the much dreaded long-distance relationship. Thanks to Skype, we were constantly in touch with each other. We also wrote letters to each other, actually we still do. I had already told my family about him and my folks were pretty chilled out. I was just advised to be a little careful before moving forward in the relationship.


Finally in February he came to India. He met all my family and friends. Everybody was happy with the person I had chosen. There is this calmness in him that I love, as a person I am very short tempered but he balances me out perfectly. My family too noticed the way we complimented each other. Too soon the time came for him to leave and it was wait of four long months before we met again, in July. This time I went to Germany as it was Roman’s brother’s wedding. I decided to extend my stay and stay till my birthday which is on 1st September. We spent most of times together and got to know each other much better.


A couple of days before my birthday, we went to Köln to visit a few of our friends. The eve of my birthday, Roman suggests a long drive and I agree immediately. Once in the car, I went off to sleep as usual. The shocker came in when I woke up and realised that something is amiss. The radio sounded different and like a bolt, I realised that the radio was in French (which I don’t understand) and we were on our way to Paris.

I was stunned, because once when watching the movie ‘Queen’ I had went gaga over Paris and mentioned how I would like to visit someday. He took me to Eiffel Tower exactly at midnight and asked me to marry him. Too dumbfounded to react, I just nodded my ‘Yes’.


Cut to India, I told my family about our decision to get married and they were very supportive and happy. I needed some time before settling down, so I started working as a Professor at Ruia College. Roman was very understanding through it all.

Eventually we decided to seal the deal but we never realised how tough it is to have a cross-border marriage. It took almost eight months to get my documents sorted and in order. The D-day arrived, on 20th April, 2016 we got married in German with close friends and family. We had a tiny wedding and dinner in India as well.

Today, I can proudly say that my husband is very supportive of me and my career, we don’t wear a wedding ring to show the world that we are married, or that I am bound to someone. Everyday we find out something new about each other. He doesn’t speak Hindi and my German isn’t good either but we communicate in English and take each day as it comes!


Our journey of past three and a half years was not all rainbows and flowers, we had more than our share of ups and downs. Through it all we realised that when you are with someone be true to that person and accept them even with their flaws. It is not easy to have a long-distance relationship, but if you both can communicate with each other, respect each other and forgive each other nothing is impossible!”

So people, do not lose hope! Dreams actually come true!

All Images: Samantha Kothare
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