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Delicious: Check Out These Amazing Pizzerias In Mumbai

The world would be a much happier place if everyone just ate pizza. As I say, make pizza, not war. Pizzas are the finest invention of mankind after they discovered basic food. Food of any kind is awesome but when it’s pizza, Mamma Mia!

I am sure there are many people out there with a profound interest in this bread with cheese and other toppings. Those of you who are like me, and are not afraid of a little food experimenting, this article is for you. Here is a list of 10 eatery joints that make hatke (but delicious still) pizzas.

1) Kurkure Pizza

Pizza Hut’s innovation and every kurkure lover’s delight, this pizza is amazing. They give you the pizza and they give a packet of kurkure to add to it which is good thinking as, if kurkure would already be in the mix, it would get soft.

Here is the advertisement by Pizza Hut for it.

2) Chaat Pizza

Craving for something that is desi as well as videsi? Head on to Glocal Junction where you can have chaat pizza. I can’t wait to have it myself.

Check out the review:-

3) The Naan Pizza

Source: Je Mange La Ville

Naan and pizza? Pizza with Punjabi tadka anyone? The Central Kitchen has added a desi twist to the Italian favourite and calls it the ‘Naanza’.

You can order yourself a Naanza here


4) Cookie Pizza

Source: Trip Advisor

The Pizza cookie by the Playlist Pizzeria comes in their dessert section and I am pretty sure, it will be as satisfying as their musical pizzas. Check out their menu here


5) Chicago Meatball Deep Dish Pizza

Meatballs in pizza? HELL YEAH! You won’t have to tell me twice to dig into this delicious thing. Lighthouse cafe’s innovation has many fans already.

Check out Lighthouse Cafe’s instagram post:-


6) The Pizza Cone

Pizza in a cone is Pizza Box’s best innovation as you can now have Pizza on the go. Is it an ice cream? Is it cone with cheese in it? It’s PIZZA!!!!

7) The Maggi Pizza or the Maggizza

Maggi on pizza is every maggi lover’s fantasy. Maggi, cheese and meat toppings? MAMMA MIA! Not only pizza though, here the menu is filled with every maggi dish possible. Head on to Hungry Head if you want your Maggizza.

Check out their Menu here.

8) Seafood Pizza

Fish on Pizza. At least it’s not pineapples on pizza Head on here to check them out.

9) Nutella Pizza

Nutella on pizza is for them who love to have a sweet mouth. Check them out here.

10) Chicken crust Pizza

Source: The soccer mom blog

Pizza bread replaced by chicken breasts love. Heaven on my plate.

Check them out.


Order yourself some pizzas then mate.


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