10 Dessert Places in Mumbai that are Guaranteed to Give you a Sugary Foodgasm!

‘Life is Short, Eat Desserts First’

There are very few people (liars) in this world who say they don’t like desserts. I, for one, believe the above quote. If it were in my hands, I would eat all those beautiful cakes and pastries all by myself. If you share my love for desserts, then this post is like a treat for you. Here are 10 places, in Mumbai, where you can get that mouth-watering desserts to satiate your sweet-tooth!

1. Le 15 Patisserie

The best macaroons in the city can be found here. Chef Pooja Dhingra is also known to bake some amazing cupcakes and brownies. You just have to go there to believe it, this place will leave you mesmerised!


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2. The Boston Cupcakery

With multiple outlets in the city, this is one new desserts place to watch out for. It is an exclusive, only cupcakes shop which has around 25 flavours!


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3. Love Sugar Dough

Their rainbow pastry and red velvet cupcakes are to die for. The mason jar cakes and mini-cupcakes are a treat to the sore eyes!


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4. Theobroma

Theobroma is a Parsi family owned and managed bakery, patisserie and chocolaterie. They have indulgent cakes and mostly use local produce. Theobroma, in Greek, means ‘Food of the Gods’!


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5. The Rolling Pin

A completely vegetarian patisserie, The Rolling Pin is known for their variety in menu. They serve food as well as desserts. The chocolate bar mousse is not to be missed!


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6. Papacream

This place at Churchgate is born out a curious mind. Their menu consists of Mexican cheddar ice cream, pani puri sorbet, a doughnut split and filled with salted caramel, pancakes topped with Horlicks ice cream, ice cold popcorn. So if you are up for an adventurous venture into dessert world, this is the place for you!


Image Source: 1, 2, 3

7. Coffee by Di Bella

With multiple outlets across the city, this Australian café serves you with some delecious Freakshakes and waffles. The waffles are always freshly baked!


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8. La Folie Patisserie

It is The place to have French desserts. The desserts are so beautiful and perfect that you may not want to spoil it by eating it!


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9. 145 Kala Ghoda

The newest entrant on Mumbai dessert block, this place is easy on the pocket and stirs up some most-watering delicacies. The menu is playful and includes dishes like pav bhaji scones, naan tacos and chicken tikka baos!


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10. Sweetish House Mafia

If you love those cookies, this is the place to be. They have a range of cookies to choose from, but I heard the double chocolate chip cookie cannot be missed!


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Do let us know if you have been to these places, or if you think we have missed some!

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