Experts tell you what your signature has to say about you!


Signatures are unique. They are the public face of every individual and represent them on the most important documents, letters to friends, and so on. But they’re much more than a bond or a promise woven out of alphabets. It’s a commitment that you make, in terms of repaying, buying something or even expressing your own views.

You sign a thousand times, to an extent that it becomes an automatic mechanical process by the brain. It thus reflects you, as to how you want the world to see you. Your signature can thus tell a lot about you. Read on to find out what your signature says about you!

Ascending Signature


This person is ambitious and is very uneasy about his success. He has high expectations from himself.

Over Ascending Signature


This person is over ambitious and has unrealistic goals in his life. This person is always frustrated. This person has large amount of stress and may suffer from pain in upper back and neck areas.

Horizontal Signature


This person is neutral and the person’s self expectations are to be found out reliably from the script.

Descending Signature


This person gives up despite high achievements. This person may show feelings of sadness caused by some failure or loss.

Multilingual/Bilingual Signature:


There are contrasting environments in this person’s life, causing him to be confused about his real identity. The signatory’s parents may come from entirely different traditional backgrounds.

Pet name/Nick name Signatures


This person is immature and unable to make mature decisions. He is passionate and good at things he is passionate about.

(Most of Punjab has such signatures which makes them so and more prone to drug addiction. Mahendra Singh Dhoni signs as “Mahi” thus making him highly successful at his passion.)

Multilevel Signature


This person puts his interest before his profession and is not sacrificing for his profession. This person perceives all things from a materialistic point of view. He has an insatiable tendency to accumulate more and more.

Dotting on Left-hand Side


This person desires company at home with family.

Dotting around the centre


This person stays in the company of cousins, siblings and close friends.

Dotting on Right-hand Side


This person desires company of friends and strangers. He is easy to talk to.

Signature of Osama Bin Laden


His signature is underlined with a picture of a rifle. The thought in his mind was unconsciously depicted in his signature. Thus he dealt in guns and ammunition. The cluster in that design caused a lot of stomach related issues for him. His signature shows that he has a high level of understanding and could execute hidden plans very effectively.

Inputs: Milind J Rajore 

milind-rajoreMilind J Rajore is a leading Pune based practicing graphologist. He is actively involved in consulting services like detecting crime for police officials, helping renowned companies to recruit right candidates, helping bank officials to detect signature frauds, helping people to know their strengths and weaknesses, detecting ill-health through handwriting and knowing the reason for it.

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