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Find Out How Your Zodiac Sign is Affecting Your Married Life

Zodiac signs are weird. They are random prophecies of you’re day to day life which are abstract, erratic and sometimes questionable. but the one thing that surprises me the most is how we shape our days and activities around what these signs tell us.

So here is another one of those zodiac readings which may or may not affect your married life.


Aries: Fun


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You’re marriage will be filled with surprises, excitements, plans to name a few. Try not taking charge and following through with the task that’s given to you.


Taurus: Loyal


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Marriage looks strong, you will want to build a family. You’re approach to you’re family is traditional, you know, the want to give you’re kids all the luxuries kind.


Gemini: Open


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You’re approach to marriage is not at all traditional. If you do get married, you will need a partner who understands your need to flee solo. You need the adventure.


Cancer: Intense


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You’ll be ridiculously involved in your marriage, probably the person who doesn’t get time away from loving your spouse,  the word ‘family’ means a lot to you and you’re marriage may become the most important thing in you’re life.


Leo: Dramatic


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Imagine a passionate, romantic and elegant play, this is you’re married life. Married life looks like its full of charm and compassion but be careful to not steal the limelight from you’re partner.


Virgo: Strong


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Virgo’s need a partner who can cure their insecurities and understand their nagging as a form of love. You fight hard for you’re love and you always will.


Libra: Friendship


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In married life, Libra takes top spot, also known as the king sign of married life. Libras’ invest a lot in their partners and look to become good friends with their partners. However, look to work towards yourself as well.


Scorpio: Power Struggle


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Jealousy and Possessiveness experienced in your relationships is very high. Instead of surrounding yourselves with insecurities, try to trust you’re partner more. Passion and Intimacy also prevail in you’re marriage.


Sagittarius: On the move


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Married life for a Sagittarius seems monotonous, the risk of drama in search of new adventures is high. Try not to create new problems for yourself.


Capricorn: Committed


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You’re independent and responsible in marriage, you care a lot about you’re partner but you wont refrain from taking action or speaking up when required.


Aquarius: Party


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You’re more of the live in type than the marriage type. You’re on the move all the time and thus it is important for you to look for a partner like you.


Pisces: Spiritual


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Pisceans are lost in their own thoughts. You’re marriage is more spiritual and based on seeking the true meaning of companionship.






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