7 Advices You Can Get Only From a True Friend!

There are some things that friends teach us way better than parents or teachers, I have come to realize that friends can be great gurus in some spheres and enhance one’s knowledge on certain sensitive subjects.

Giving you Valuable Real World News

Whether its daily gossip or general knowledge, friends have an update system better than your phones.



Teaching You the Do’s and Don’ts of the Dating World

If there is anyone in the world who can teach you about the unforgiving and unforgetting dating world, it would be you’re friends.



Gyan on How to Cheat Effortlessly

We know those exams come tough, and topping without cheating is a long lost myth, friends give you the skills and experience required to turn professional cheater.



What to Drink and in What Proportions

You want to be cool at your party and not get drunk, you still want to chug though, we get it. Ask a friend on how to maintain that perfect balance.



How to Deal with Breakups

Probably the best place to bounce after a breakup would be you’re friend’s, friends can take complete care of you while you reboot after that failed relationship.



How to Take Selfies like a Pro

No famous personality in you’re family can teach you how to take better selfies than you’re friends.



How to Deal with those Family People

Family has a bad reputation on getting on everybodies nerves, in such a situation consult a friend.



It does get tough out there in the real world, and there are some things that friends can teach you way better than anyone else, so talk to them, engage in those endless conversations every time you find yourself in that tight spot. Sometimes friends get you out of there with ease.

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