From Loosing Both Legs to Becoming A Footballer: This is The Story of Mohammad Abdullah!

Mohammad Abdullah, a Bangladeshi man, is an intense source of inspiration to entire human kind, especially to youth. His life story will give you goosebumps and will provoke each one of you to follow your dreams. His life was full of drastic incidences and here is how he tackled with it.

Abdullah was raised by his father and stepmother since his mother abandoned him in his early childhood. His family would abuse him and it made Abdullah run away. He lived on streets and begged for some months and finally started to live with his grandmother.

One day Abdullah slipped from a moving train while he was trying to reach another carriage. His legs got trapped under the wheels of the speeding train and was immediately taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital where he was treated but unfortunately lost both his legs from the thighs below. No family member was there to support him and the hospital authorities sent him to an orphanage. He was just seven years old but he did not loose hope.


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For next 18 months, he studied in Barisal Yusuf school and at last ran away. Abdullah said, he had no hope and started to live on streets rather than being trapped by anyone. People used to give him money by looking at his condition but he wanted to do something better. So with his strong hands, he decided to become a newspaper hawker and saved very little amount of money from what he  earned. He was not allowed to play football with other guys who used to play it on the streets.

Abdullah was then sent to Aparajeyo Bangla, an NGO, where he got a ray of hope for his better future. He started moving around in a wheelchair. But soon he decided to walk without it, because he was afraid that he might spend his entire life in it. He started attempts to walk, initially it was difficult for him to walk but he finally succeeded and today he is not only able to walk but also work and play football like other people.

A football coach at Aparajeyo Bangla encouraged him to pursue his passion for football. Abdullah followed his heart and now he is ready to take on any professional footballer. Apart from playing football he works as a porter at a ferry station to pay for his meals. He desires to compete professionally one day. He is indeed a source of courage, hope and is definitely a living proof of ‘Never say Never’!


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