Gilbert Hill- The Hill That Existed Before Time Did

When one thinks of Mumbai, one usually imagines Bollywood, beaches, skyscrapers and a distinct way of life. Nestled in the Deccan Plateau, the volcanic black soil of the area, however, is a testament to a time before Bombay and them Mumbai stood.

Gilbert Hill

66 million years ago, when humanity was a long, long future ahead, volcanic eruptions were fairly common. At this junction in time, dinosaurs roamed the Earth freely. Even today, scientists are left scratching their heads when asked about why these giant deadly organisms disappeared from the Earth, and so completely. One of the most popular theories of this mass extinction has been that of a series of large meteors hitting the Earth, thereby destroying flora and fauna, changing climatic conditions and patterns, chemical compositions and landmasses.

It is believed that Gilbert Hill, the 61m tall black basalt monolith in question, was formed during one such meteor strike. The impact from the celestial body apparently squeezed out molten lava from the Earth’s cleft, and this lava cooled down very rapidly, thus giving us this giant block of stone. The Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming, and the Devils Postpile National Monument in eastern California, USA are considered to be two other structures formed in the same method.

A  video by Jaskunwar Kohli Films and AlterEgoCrew talks about this ‘hidden secret’. This video has started doing rounds on social media, and many people are surprised at having not known about this Hill. Indeed, it is something that is often left out of popular monumental and heritage lists. Perhaps, this video will help secure some fame and protection for Gilbert Hill.

We often forget the long history that Earth has had before humanity. Indeed, we are just a few seconds old in a planet and universe that stretches back to billions of years. A billion as a number is difficult to imagine, and to conceptualize a time period so vast is indeed impossible. Gilbert Hill is just one among the many reminders of just how fascinating our world truly is.

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