Girls! On this Father’s Day surely show this film to your dad. Others, this story will make you smile

BIBA, the leading ethnic apparel brand has always been a pioneer in setting trends in ethnic wear. This time on Father’s Day it has come out with a heart touching digital film as a part of their #ChangewithBIBA campaign. The film sends a powerful message of gender prejudice in arranged marriages. It teaches us how today’s ideal thinking ought to be.

It opens with a woman named Payal looking in the mirror — getting ready and contemplating on the situation as a prospect groom and his family have come to see her for the first time..


Her father chides her to get ready fast as everyone is waiting for her downstairs..


She questions her father: By just feeding him samosas in one meet how can I decide if I want to spend the rest of my life with him?


He ignores her question and stubbornly tells her to get ready fast and come downstairs..


As the usual pleasantries are being exchanged between both the families, Payal is still lost in her pensive zone..


The boy’s family likes Payal and of course the samosas she made. It’s a thumbs up from their side, they ask Payal’s father if they should consider the marriage fixed.


Here the story takes the unconventional turn. Payal’s father answers, we also have to come to your house before we fix the marriage. My daughter too would like to see if your son can do the household chores just like her, only then will we give our daughter.


The boy’s family laugh it off saying he can’t even boil water. He can hardly manage to make noodles in the microwave.


Payal’s father politely refuses the marriage stating that his daughter can’t possibly survive on just noodles.


Here’s the climax! While the prospect’s parents are stunned. The boy reverts calmly inviting Payal’s father home after 10 days, so by that time he can learn to cook and Payal’s family too can judge him, if he is capable enough for her.


The film ends with a beautiful message of equality and change from the conventional way of thinking.


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