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Here’s all you need to know about Cauvery Issue!

The Cauvery (Kaveri) river originates in Coorg district of Karnataka and eventually flows down to Bay of Bengal through Tamil Nadu. The issue of sharing water dates long back to 1892 when the Madras Presidency and Mysore had agreed on an arrangement. Since then it has always been a sore point for South India. The Supreme court on Monday modified its previous verdict which had directed the Kanataka Government to release 15,000 cusecs of water to Tamil Nadu from Cauvery river was reduced  to 12,000 cusecs. This, however did not go down well with the people in Karnataka and led to violent riots all over the state.


Source: The News Minute

People reacted to this issue in different ways. Below are some reactions posted on megathread.

1. All this violence is caused by 0.1% of the populace. Just today morning, some 4 or 5 retarded goons ransacked a vegetable cart in front of our apartment. As soon as those bastards left, you could see at least 10-15 people picking up all the vegetables and cleaning up the cart. It was very touching. Don’t let these jobless scum change your opinion about Karnataka/TN/India, we’re a great country with great people.

2. TIL there are 2 faces of Bengaluru.

One is the face we’re all familiar with. India’s IT hub. The City of Garden. Cosmopolitan kernel of the South.

The other is one we’re witnessing on TV the past week.

Really disturbing events.

3. I booked plane tickets and everything for my mom’s 60th birthday and Onam which happen to be on the same day and these fuckers do this. I am so goddamn furious right now at the thought of canceling everything.

How can the twitterati lag behind, these are some of reactions that people had.











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