If Kebabs make your mouth water, then you must visit these 7 places in India!

pic3Kebabs are one of the most loved food items in India. From expensive 5 star hotels to the eateries on the street, you will find kebabs being served everywhere. So if the name ‘kebabs ‘makes your mouth salivate then these are the 7 places in India that u have to visit.

  1. Karim’s, Jama Masjid, Old Delhi


This place in Delhi needs no introduction. This is the heaven for kebab lovers. The mutton burrah kebabs, mutton seekh kebabs, chcken tikkas, tandoori fish are some of the kebabs that immediately have yout taste buds ringing.  The tender, soft and flesh flowing kebabs are sure to have you lick your plate off.

  1. Siddique Kebab Center, Hyderabad


A small place in the large city of Hyberabad keeps its name alive by serving one of the best non vegetarian kebabs you can ever find. The dishes are marinated in home ground spices and the specials include barbeque chicken, stuffed chicken and grilled chicken. Their delicious food makes you forget about the ambience.

  1. Tunday Kebabs, Lucknow

tunday kebab

This is one dish that the entire nation is familiar with. Anyone who visits Lucknow has to try their Tunday Kebab on Aminabad to complete his trip.Their dishes are made from authentic unani spices which give them a Mughlai taste. The specialities include mutton kebab, beef kebab and Galauti Kebab with ulte taw ke paranthe.

  1. Gulati Spice Market, Delhi


The reason this place comes on the list is because it serves absolutely delicious vegetarian kebabs, probably the only place in Delhi to do so.along with all the classic non vegetarian kebabs, their paneer bhare is absolutely yummy. Their prices a little high but the quality of food makes up for it.

  1. Piccadilly Café, Mumbai

piccadilyThis tiny, gaudy place in Colaba may be difficult to find but its all worth it. They serve Iranian style amazing kebabs which include Chello Kebab, Juje Kebab, Shish Tawouk and more. If you like the taste of Mughlai food, this is the place for you.

  1. Kebab Corner, Chennai

kebab corner

This place in Chennai has an exceedingly wide variety of kebabs and each one is more delicious than the previous. It is one of the oldest Mughlai eateries in Chennai and serves every kind of kebab you can possibly think of. Do remember to try them with their famous Roomali Roti.

  1. Rajinder Da Dhaba, New Delhi

rajinderIf you want the perfect feast of kebabs at street food prices then this is the place to go. They have an irresistible menu and at such prices that you will want to try everything till your stomach can’t take any more. Their kebabs are hot, spicy and finger licking. Do try the Mutton Gulauti Kebabs, Mutton burra and Afghani chicken.


Though they don’t originate from India, we have made them our very own!



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