Imtaz Ali’s Next Is All About Puppy Love: Watch Here!

Love has no boundaries, and how better than to show this than the one animal capable of infinite love? Titled Bruno and Juliet, the short film is the result of a collaboration between Imtaz Ali and Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short films, and is directed and written by Khawar Jamsheed.

The ten minute film follows a St. Bernard named Bruno and his love, the stray dog named Juliet. With no dialogues, the story conveys itself through music, intense scenes, and some really good acting by the two leading dogs. The picturesque locations of Srinagar make the perfect backdrop for is unconventional tale about conventional love. Jamsheed said: “Bruno and Juliet is very special to me. It is about an unlikely friendship between two unlikely protagonists. I used to observe dogs in my neighbourhood closely and found their friendship very fascinating. So, I picked up my camera and started following the dogs filming them for 22 days.”

Since being uploaded on YouTube, the film has gained lakhs of views and thousands of positive comments. As the two lovers go paw to paw with breed differences, dog catchers and parental opposition, will they finally have a happy ending? Watch to find out!

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