In just two months, engineers and students electrified two villages in Karnataka. Here’s how!

Ghatakunang and Khangaon had narrow lanes and small houses just like thousands of small villages in India. And just like 18,000 other villages in India, these 2 were also living in the dark. Work schedules, life routines and much else depends on electricity in day-to-day life. People living in these villages have no choice but to finish all the chores in broad daylight.


To add on to their grievances, the villages had dense vegetation, and are also populated by wild animals.  “When we first heard about this, we were absolutely shocked,” recalls Sunny Arokia Swamy. “We decided that we should do something about this.” Sunny who was a graduate from MS Ramiah Institute of Technology in the field of Electrical and Electronics, along with his friends Balachandra Hegde, Kumaraswamy, and Kotresh Veerapur took up a project to help these villagers.


They contacted a local NGO and headed towards the Kali Tiger Reserve area, in the Uttara Kananda district. They surveyed villages and found out the problems they were facing. They also realized that their expertise in energy would help solve all their problems.   After having had all the survey data, they went back to their college and discussed the project with their HoD to gain support. The project expanded to two villages and 18 households with the support of the college in merely two months.

All it took to give light to these villages were a group of 4 friends and 13 other students. Cheers to this bunch of enthusiasts who are thriving to make a change!

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