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Indian Habits You’ll Most Definitely Relate To!

When you have a population of a billion, you will develop some common habits. No matter who you are or where you come from, some things are just in your blood. Here are some things you’ll most definitely relate to-

1. Swiping Hotel Toiletries

‘What no? We paid for this!’

2. And Squeezing The Life Out Of Toothpaste Tubes

See, see? It still has so much.

3. Covering Things In Plastic

Why, to protect from dust of course!

4. Slapping The Remote

Instead of you know, changing the batteries.

5. Putting Water In Shampoo Bottles

And inverting it to get every. Last. Drop.

6. Honking. All of the Honking

Even when you can see the traffic stretching out for miles. *Beep Beep*

7. Saying ‘5 Minutes’ When You Really Mean 50

‘Yeah, I’m right at your doorstep!

8. Fake Not-Accepting Money

‘No no no Aunty. First let me refuse enough times so that when I finally accept it is socially correct.’

9. All Kinds Of Jugaad

From fitting 11 people in a car to using a scooter to plough a field, every Indian has this skill.

10. Turning Clothes Into Mops

Admit it. That cleaning rag was once your favorite shirt.

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