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8 Indian Internet Sensations You Just Can’t Ignore!

Pakalu Papito

A fictional convenience store owner, this person rose to fame immediately on twitter because of his funny and relatable tweets. The account was first set up in July 2013 and continues to be in limelight even today. It has 2.15M followers!

Source: Twitter

Shradhdha Sharma

This teenager from Dehradun started uploading song videos on YouTube and soon enough she was the most followed on YouTube India. This was in 2011, today she has over 21.1K followers on Twitter and 208,838 subscribers on YouTube


Source: YouTube


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This is how she performs now!

Lilly Singh aka ||Superwoman||

This Indian origin YouTube star rose to fame because of her hilarious interpretations of her parents’ reactions. Today, she has a number of accolades to her name, including a book and celebrities have become acquaintances for her now! She currently has 9891894 subscribers on YouTube!


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Abish Mathew

Started his YouTube Channel in 2007, Abish slowly rose to fame as a comedian through his show ‘Son of Abish’. Today he is frequently seen in All India Bakchod videos and acts. He is one of the best comedians in India!


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Gaurav Gera

A TV and Movie actor, Gaurav Gera started his YouTube channel in 2010. His portrayal of Shopkeeper and Chutki is hilarious. He has had many bollywood celebrities come to his show as well!

Source: YouTube

Vir Das

This is one comedian who does not need any introduction. Known for his quirky humor, he has acted in a few bollywood movies as well!


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Akshat Singh

He became an overnight sensation for his over action and amazing dance. After appearing on multiple Indian TV shows, he even went on Ellen DeGeneres!

Source: YouTube

Vah Chef

Started by chef Sanjay Thumma in 2007, his YouTube channel has over 300,000 subscribers. He is responsible for popularizing Indian food all over the world!


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Time to start binge watching again!

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