Indian Scientists make Sea Water potable! First plant produces 63 lakh litres per day

Scientists in Tamil Nadu have come up with a new system that can make sea-water drinkable. This might raise a big question in the minds of many, like HOW?! They have inculcated a filtration method that will make the water which includes arsenic and uranium safe to drink.

Scientists at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) use steam from a nuclear reactor which purifies the water. This method is however sure to raise many eyebrows, and gain withdrawals from those who are very particular about health, and those who would question the health effects of such water in the long term.

The scientists have also made water purifiers which can be used at home and have been marketing them to the drought-hit areas. They have special filters installed. This water tastes like fresh water and is completely desalinated.

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