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Indian Weddings That Raked Up Quite A Bill!

Weddings in India are nothing if not a grand affair. But for the rich of India, they become more than just the union of a couple; they are a display of their status and wealth. You may wish for a similar one or you may not like the extravagant show, but your surely cannot take your eyes off. Here are some of the most expensive big fat Indian weddings –

1. Vikram Chatwal and Priya Sachdev

The former actor turned hotelier Chatwal married investment banker and model Priya in a ten day ceremony spread across three cities. The wedding was graced by the presence of the likes of Lakshmi Mittal, Naomi Campbell, and a Prince of Greece. Private jets were arranged for the guests and the ceremony costed nearly Rs 100 crore.

2. Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia

When the daughter of one of the world’s richest men weds, the ceremony will surely be grand. Lakshmi Mittal, the steel magnate, secured the Palace of Versailles (yes, the French royal palace), and the wedding remains the only private ceremony held there. A number of Bollywood stars gave performances, and the marriage racked up a bill of Rs 250 crores.

3. Mallika Reddy and Siddharth Reddy

Daughter of GVK Group’s Krishna Reddy, Mallika married her partner in a ceremony that costed more than 1000 crore. Graced by the presence of the elites of India, the wedding created a lot of buzz in the Indian social circles, and photographs were widely circulated for the stunning costumes that everyone wore to the night.

4. The Roy Sons’ Double Wedding

Touted to be one of, if not the most expensive wedding in India to date, Sahara Group’s Subrata Roy wedded his sons in the Sahara Auditorium in Lucknow. Sabyasachi and Rohit Bal provided with the wedding trousseau, more than a 100 dishes were offered, and the entire place was lit up by marshals, prisms and wax lights. The cost was estimated to be nearly Rs 500 crores!

5. Payal Bansal and Deepak Kanodia

Basant Bansal took the destination wedding route, and the entire party flew to Turkey for the ceremony. Cooks, decorators and assistants were taken flown out to make sure that despite the location, the wedding did not lack any Indian flavors. Bollywood celebrities performed in the wedding which was billed to be around Rs 100 crores.

6. Lalit Tanwar and Yogita Jaunapuria

The son of Congress minister Kunwar Singh, Lalit’s wedding took place in Delhi. His in-laws gifted him a Bell 429 helicopter on the occasion, and the wedding itself was touted to be one of the most extravagant that the city has ever witnessed.

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