It’s amazing how this Water Doctor turned barren land into a water body!


Yourstory-Ayyappa-Masagi-2His phone rings times innumerable each passing day during this time of catastrophic water crisis that India is facing. He took up this initiative after having faced a lot of problem in his early life due to water.

His usual day started at 3a.m, as he had to go fetch water from the stream. This hardship made him work through a solution so that others don’t go through the same.

Many states in India are battling drought. They are making desperate attempts to satiate their thirst. Dry reservoirs around the country are resulting in farmer suicides. A major reason for this is also that the rainwater is not adequately stored in India.


“Do you know how much water every person wastes while having a bath? This water is not bad water. It can actually be reused,” he says.

In Chilamathur region of Andhra Pradesh, Ayyappa bought 84 acres of land to convert it into a water body. With a humongous network of 25,000 sand-filled pits and four new lakes store water which Is later drawn from bore-wells.

“Our country doesn’t need grand plans like river-linking to tackle the problem of water shortage. In fact, that project is an unnecessary expense for the government. If we need to save water, every farmer and ever organisation should plan ahead. And if they do, this country will soon become water-efficient,” he says.

The Water Doctor has also formed a Water Literacy Foundation and is training his battalion of water warriors to help save future crisis!

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