Know What Your Handwriting Says About You!

Graphology is the study of one’s handwriting. It gives you an insight of that particular person. Nowadays, it is used by organisations and multinational corporations for recruitment purposes.

Your handwriting bears the unique imprint of your personality, with all its strengths and weaknesses. It is a window to your deepest self.

Followers of Nayaa Bharat now have a chance to get their handwriting analyzed from a leading graphologist in India.


Milind J Rajore is a leading, Pune based, practicing graphologist. He has been practicing this wonderful science for more than two decades. Till date he has built a very strong team of 15,000 graphologists, and it is growing very fast. Apart from conducting basic and advanced courses on graphology, he is actively involved in consulting services like detecting crime for police officials, helping renowned companies to recruit right candidates, helping bank officials to detect signature frauds, helping people to know their strengths and weaknesses, detecting ill-health through handwriting and knowing reason for it, etc.

Below is an example of one of his analysis.



  1. This person is very intelligent and has got very good memory retention.
  2. She is comes from very good, tasty food cooking family.
  3. She has the ability to understand problems.
  4. She wants to be financially independent and does not want to be a burden financially.
  5. Her family is not getting the best of results from the investment in the long run.
  6. Sometimes there is headache problem.
  7. There is BP and heart issue in the family, means in blood relation.
  8. It is very difficult for her to regulate proper eating habits.
  9. There is lot of self deceptions.
  10. There are certain pre-assumptions which do not seem to be right in the long run.
  11. She is good at planning, organizing and coordinating the things.
  12. She wants to take lot of action.
  13. She has good support from the mother’s side.
  14. She understands lyrics of the song.
  15. She many times restricts herself from expressing emotions.
  16. There are certain decisions, she is not in the position to take and even if she takes, she is confused with it.
  17. She is unable to use her talent- restricting her talent.
  18. Sometimes certain relationships get disturbed because of her very prompt speaking.
  19. She is very confident of her work and ability to work.
  20. She does not get very responsible boss but the bosses has faith in her as she reduces lot of their working responsibilities.
  21. Sometimes she feels lonely and wants lot of attention.

Just imagine having all your characteristics presented to you based on just your handwriting!



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