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A Mango a day keeps Diabetes Away, says nutritionist Rutuja Diwekar

Rutuja Diwekar is no unknown person to the entire world. This famous nutritionist has guided millions through their journey of health and fitness. If there is anyone the entire country will completely trust and listen to in matters of food and heath, it is this woman.

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She is known for guiding Kareena Kapoor towards her size zero figure and her very famous books, ‘Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight’, ‘Women and The Weight Loss Tamasha’, and many more. She is the goddess of Fit food and healthy diets in India and fitness gurus hail her.

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And now, she has told, rather, instructed us to not overlook our favourite fruit, Mangoes!!! Yes, you heard it right. Mangoes are not bad for our health, how exciting of a news is that?

In a live video on Facebook Rutuja Diwekar broke the myth of mangoes being fattening and causing problems to ones health. She said that we keep ourselves away from it just out of fear. She also makes a fair point by saying that mangoes are in season and that they’re going to go out of season real soon. So why not enjoy them while we can?

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These are some important words said by her about eating mangoes:

1. It is local

Enjoy them while they are here.

2. They are genetically compliant with you

Which means you can make a number things just out of magoes, like mango pulp, mango panna, aamras, eat them as slices or just suck the juice straight out of the fruit.

3. Mangoes give you a flawless complexion

Mangoes are rich in Beta-carotene and Vitamin A that aid in resurrecting the dull skin and turn the lacklustre skin into a radiant and luminous.  What is more, this fruit helps reduce dark spots, freckles and all minor skin ailments.

4. Helps your bones and joints

Mangoes have a dense amount of Vitamin C in them that help give strength to your bones and joints.

5. It’s rich in Fibre

Eating mangoes can cancel out more craving post eating them because they are very rich in fibre. So bye-bye binge unhealthy eating.

6. No trouble in fitting into your jeans

Mangoes do help in losing weight. But not too many of them! This is a good reason to eat mangoes.

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Now, why should diabetics eat One Mango A Day?

“Mango is an excellent fruit for diabetics. It is not just safe but it is also recommended that you have a mango a day if you are diabetic. Why? Because of the fibre, because of the antioxidants in the fruit, and also because we have the approval from the West.”, said Diwekar.

She also broke the most famous myth about mangoes being full of calories. She said that, “It all depends on where your calories are coming from. They can come from a bottle of cola,a fizzy drink made out of mango, they can come out of eating fibre rich biscuits, flourless breads and cakes. But, when calories come out of mangoes, they come with so much density of nutrients that it is really the most brilliant decision that you could’ve ever taken in your life”

Mangoes are NOT FATTENING !!!!! 

Diwekar says that, it has no fat whatsoever. The only thing that is fattening, is the fear, it is inactivity and it is the refusal to eat mangoes which are local. It’s the habits and attitudes which are fattening. But mangoes are not. In fact, mangoes have nutrients that help accelerate fat burning. Mangoes make you happy and happy people are in good shape.

The only problem with mangoes she says is that, “usse garmi badti hai“. And for that she says, soak the mangoes in water for at least half an hour before consuming it, that way it will leach out all the extra phytic acid. And after that, All Is Well.

So if mangoes are so good for our health, does that mean we can eat mangoes in an excessive amount? No, and that won’y happen happen because mangoes have minerals that makes sure your leptin sensitivity works well. Leptin is a hormone that your body secretes which is essentially a signal to the brain to stop eating. And this works for not just mangoes, but all sorts of foods. So, you will always eat in moderation.

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Regulate your meals, know the quantity that you should be eating. And that way, you will never need a doctor or a dietitian to tell you what to eat, how much to eat and what not to eat.

To sum it all up, Mangoes are good for diabetics because, they are low on glycemic index, they are high in many nutrients, it has loads and loads of antioxidants and so, all of this will help in your insulin sensitivity, it will help in regulating your blood sugars.

Even the American Diabetic Association and the Mayo Clinic have put mangoes as one of the recommended fruits for diabetics.

Toh mango se kya darna, eat them and Enjoy Life !

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